17-year-old who drowned ‘was good swimmer’


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THE relatives of 17-year-old Nicholas Amiscar who allegedly drowned at a beach in Treasure Cay, Abaco this week have described him as a “good swimmer”.

Nerilus Lubin, the teen’s uncle, said he was at work when he received a call about the tragedy.

He said Nicholas’ parents, who live in Haiti, are in the process of trying to fly to The Bahamas for their son’s funeral.

Nicholas was a student at the SC Bootle High School.

Mr Lubin, who raised his nephew in The Bahamas from the age of five, said the teen was a twin. He was surprised when he got the tragic news.

“I was at work when they called me,” he said.

According to police, officers at the Treasure Cay Police Station received a report of an alleged drowning shortly before noon on Tuesday.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Rolle said police were told the boy was attending a beach picnic along with several friends, and while in the water he was discovered foaming from the mouth.

He was assisted to the shore and CPR was performed. He was taken to Marsh Harbour Clinic, where he was examined by doctors and pronounced dead.

“Nicholas was a good, good boy,” said Mr Lubin. “I raised him from five years old when his parents went back to Haiti.

“He has a twin brother, but the next brother did not go with him,” he said.

When asked how the brother is dealing with the loss, Mr Lubin said he is very sad about it.

The deceased’s sibling, Nichol Amiscar told The Tribune that his brother was a good swimmer. He said he feels bad about what has happened to his twin brother.

Nichol said he did not know that his brother was going to the beach that day.

“I knew his friend was going to the beach, but I was not sure he was going. He could swim the best out of all them,” he said.

Nichol said that he was told that they were playing soccer on the beach and went into the water to cool off.

Whenever the water is shallow, he said they would jump off the dock feet first into the water.

“His friend jumped in first and he told me that my brother’s head hit his back and both of them went underwater,” said Nichol.

He said the friend told him that he saw Nicholas coming up and thought he was okay. As they started swimming to shore, the friend said he looked back and saw Nicholas’ body sinking.

He said that when he lifted Nicholas up he was foaming at the mouth.

The friend said he asked some people on dock for help, but they said no and left them there. He said that some persons on the beach who saw what happened ran over and assisted them.

Police are investigating the matter.

As a result of recent drownings, earlier this week Minister of Education Glenys Hanna Martin said the government anticipates the introduction of swimming lessons in the public school system.


ThisIsOurs 1 year, 3 months ago

Sounds like this had nothing to do with swimming ability. He hit his head while diving into the water. A whole range of possibilities there... wrong angle-broken neck, unconscious-unable to position for air.

this was just unsafe use of the water


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