History of our nation

EDITOR, The Tribune.

On December 19, 1962 a very significant international event occurred within the gates of Lyford Cay. President John F Kennedy - UK Prime Minister Macmillan and Canadian PM John Diefenbaker met and resulting from this meeting NATO's military position to the “cold war was established“.

This very significant event was memorialised with a plinth and a plaque located at the junction of Blake and West Bay. About three-years ago a vehicle knocked the plinth down... very recently the junction was re-designed following the double tragedy, deaths, works not totally completed after two plus years!

Editor, the plinth was reinstated – kudos to those responsible, but the question - How on earth do visitors - our children and Joe Public access to view the plinth up close if the plinth was erected in the middle of the new roundabout!

Surely, oh surely, someone, yes, a single person had to realise where the plinth was being erected the public will have little of any chance of access unless they put themselves in danger from the traffic! Couldn't the plinth have been erected in an accessible location on the grounds of the new commercial office building Caves Limited erected maybe a lay-by for two-vehicles, suitable to accommodate a tour bus?

Will cost a little to move, but lord surely, we will not leave the plinth in no­ man's land inaccessible safely by the public? Possibly we will. Historical Society. Tourism product development common sense public, please lobby Public Works to move this significant historical monument to a more accessible location.



August 23, 2022.


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