Goodman’s Bay

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Totally agree with writer P Bullard. Visitors from the States once residents who frequented Goodman's Bay in their time wanted to stop and spend some hours enjoying the quietness and the views of the bay - got there around 11:30 in the morning and round-and-round we drove trying to find a parking spot in the eastern end of the park. Eventually risked parking behind a parked vehicle of a person who got there before and were on the beach and they kindly offered to park behind us as we weren't leaving for an hour.

Editor, this is not the first complaint on this, it seems that the construction workers of the new hotel have taken the public parking over 100% and people suggest things will not change with the opening as where on this hotel property do they have employee parking? Nowhere - not a single parking spot for one employee.

The day I went to Goodman's I approached from the city end, east just beyond the Office of Prime Minister vehicles parked on the centre median of the road.... How many times senior Officials and Police pass and have done absolutely nothing? Waiting for a serious accident then they will do something.

Goodman's Bay park was written into Law under then PM Hubert Ingraham reserved in perpetuity as a public open space -surely if in the future the hotel workers occupy the parking area that is a breach of the law? Why aren’t Parks and Beaches doing anything? Parks and Beaches the last storm was three-weeks ago the rough weather brought in a lot of seaweed - piles of it in front of the new hotel. Still hasn't been cleaned up.

To remain as a top tourist destination we have to earn and create a reputation don't, as we seem to do, take it for granted just because of our slogan...It's Better....



November 29, 2022.


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