19 new confirmed COVID cases

THE Ministry of Health and Wellness recorded 19 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, bringing the nation’s confirmed virus toll to 32,950.

The country has 6,533 active cases.

Forty-four people are in hospital with the virus, three of whom are in the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile 766 people have died from the disease since the start of the pandemic.


carltonr61 6 months ago

WHO has qualified a monoclonal antibody regimen to for persons sick with Covid. Guess Trump and DeSantis were correct all along and millions of lives could have been saved as in The Bahamas our deaths in March 2021 stood around 188 then rose to nearly 700 immediately after mass vaccinations as in every country around the world. The global vaccine dictatorship is at a forced crossroads to end the pandemic global status in the face of vaccination efficacy decline even after a fourth booster revaccination. Reality hurts but we must face it. The vaccine cure it all miracle against Covid was a pipedream as after mass global vaccinations variants have mysteriously and suddenly appeared that is immune to the untested vaccines and totally thrashes them. Omicron. 1.2.B.3.C. anything imaginable toward maintaining a failed grip of fear across the globe. If the vaccine fails a fifth time then try it again. There is nothing new to learn that a wheel spins so why recreate it. All the nation's of the world that have dropped this failed venture is under reported. Glad that Canadians have began to climb down from massive inhumane suppression. Japan has forced warnings of heart irregularities after the jab. FDA has acknowledged heart complications only WHO/PAHO has not.


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