PLP food tax attack on poor

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The PLP fooled the Bahamian people on the campaign trail. They said they would lower VAT. That sounded good. No one likes paying taxes. Everyone wants taxes lowered.

What the PLP did when they won the election was something none of us imagined a caring and responsible party would do. They put a 10 percent VAT on previously zero-rated breadbasket foods while lowering VAT from 12 to 10 percent on other things.

Breadbasket items are the foods poor and working-class people eat most. They are the foods they budget for in order to feed their families.

Successive governments have kept taxes off these foods to give relief to the poor.

Prime Minister Philip Davis has done wrong by struggling Bahamians. I cannot understand how it makes sense to him that his government should create a new tax on the food poor people eat.

The new PLP Breadbasket Tax is contributing to the inflation that is hurting Bahamian families. The pandemic and global supply chain disruptions also play a role. However, the PLP’s VAT on breadbasket items is one of the main causes of the high prices at the food stores for various items.

Mothers who budgeted a certain amount to feed their children now cannot afford all the food they used to buy. This is a real world consequence of the bad policy decision made by the PLP.

Former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis was right to attack the PLP on the issue in the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

“I call on the new administration to remove VAT from breadbasket items. Have a heart, man,” Minnis said.

“Reverse the bad policy that is causing some food prices to be so expensive.

“They should apologize to the people and reverse the disastrous policy of taxing breadbasket items and this government must realize that many Bahamians are recovering from the devastating effects of the pandemic on our economy.

“It will take a long time before many of our citizens get back to financial positions pre-COVID.

“This was the wrong time to stress poor and working-class Bahamians with more taxes.”

The PLP must remove this heartless tax. It is an attack on the poor. It is disgraceful.

The government should be working on ways to reduce inflation, not ways to make it worse.

Dr Minnis has started the call for the reversal of VAT on breadbasket items so there could be relief for the poor in these difficult times. Church leaders, unions and civic groups should also pressure the government to remove the VAT on breadbasket items.

It is uncaring to make food more expensive for those who are least able to afford it.



February 17, 2022.


Proguing 2 years ago

It was a big mistake to implement VAT on breadbasket items, especially with the highest inflation we have seen in the last 40 years. Hopefully it will be reversed.


bahamianson 2 years ago

Lie from the pit of hell. The poor are the ones whom support these expensive restaurants. They are the ones whom support wedding and funeral processions with constant matching suits, dresses, limos, hats, shoes, photos, every month. Do you know where the poor goes to celebrate birthdays? You can find them at sushi restaurants taking the latest pictures for facebook or instagram. The "poor" know how to spend their money when they want to. Instead of using the word poor, try using the words" bad priorities." It is what it is. My eyes do not decieve me. Instead of buying lunch, make your lunch. Instead of buying breakfast, get up earlier and make your own. My parents taught me to save. Just because you get a raise doesnt mean you have to raise your restaurant.


bahamianson 2 years ago

Read the tribune's story here about the women whom stole money. The guy gave her the credit card to buy food and school supplies. What did she do? She used the card to gamble plus she had two children for him and two other children for whom ever, on top of not working. Talk about the "poor" and priorities. You have 4 children and social services have to dish out money for each child and.buy school uniforms. Social services then has to come.to the tax payer for more money to feed and.clothe your 4 children. Damn i didnt get the pleasure , but you want me , the tax payer to share your pain? Pay ya Damn taxes !!!


birdiestrachan 2 years ago

It is too bad that this same man was all right with it all when the doc increased VAT 60% no outcry then.

The few cheap breadbasket items that do not include fruits or vegetables or meat amounts to very little

No one is expected to survive on those items. 10 Percent for those who can count and understand is so much better.


birdiestrachan 2 years ago

Poor people eat bread mayonnaise grits and canned fish is that what they eat most and is it all they deserve?


birdiestrachan 2 years ago

Mackey street man if the doc had not increased VAT 60% there would be no need to take VAT off a few cheap items. It is akin to being stabbed deeply and while the blood flows
offering to put a band-aid on a deep wound

I b


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