Bahamian Jailed For Trying To Smuggle Migrant Into U.S.

A FEDERAL district judge in Fort Lauderdale has sentenced Bahamian Jeremy Christoph Rolle to 60 months in prison for trying to smuggle a migrant previously removed from the country following aggravated felony convictions, including murder, into the United States.

Rolle, 27, pleaded guilty on November 2, 2021 to aiding and abetting migrants to enter the US.

According to court documents, Rolle operated a 26-foot motorboat to transport himself and 16 migrants from Bimini to the east coast of Florida on June 17, 2021. One migrant passenger was Marvin Morris Carridice, 43, of Jamaica, who according to court documents, was removed from the US in 2018 after serving a 14-year prison sentence for convictions in Florida for murder and other felonies.

Carridice, who was charged in the same indictment as Rolle, pleaded guilty to illegal entry of a removed alien and was sentenced on January 5 to 42 months in prison.

In addition, migrant passengers Andrew Devaunx, 54, of The Bahamas, and Payam Hassanzadeh Zargar, 27, of the United Kingdom, were each charged and pleaded guilty to illegal entry of a removed alien.

Devaunx was sentenced on October 26, 2021, to time served and Zargar is scheduled to be sentenced on January 25.

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