Cannabis legislation ‘expected in first quarter’


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THE Davis administration is expected to bring legislation for a cannabis industry in the first quarter of this year, Director of Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister Latrae Rahming announced yesterday.

His comment came during a press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister when asked by a reporter for an update on the legislation.

“I’m pleased to report that we could expect legislation on the cannabis industry in the first quarter of this year,” he said. “The government in its legislative commitment has committed to ensuring that we bring legislation in the first quarter of this year.”

The government said it would introduce a “regulatory framework” for the cannabis industry and to expunge the records of young people convicted of minor offences related to use of the drug as part of its five-year legislative agenda.

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, while in opposition, expressed full support for both issues and said back in 2020 the Minnis administration should have already addressed the issue of legalising marijuana and expunging the records of people convicted for possessing small amounts.

“The time has long passed for us to address this issue of legalisation of marijuana and expunging the record of persons who would have had a record for small amounts,” Mr Davis said previously.

“That would be something that the Progressive Liberal Party embrace(s).

“That is something that we urge the government to do as quickly as possible that they ought to by now have lived up to their promise to that segment of our demographic who have been saddled with records for convictions for small amounts of marijuana that is inhibiting and prohibiting their ability to be full participants in our country, particularly in the workplace.”

In 2020, then Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis promised to have the relevant bill brought to Parliament by January 2021.

In May 2021, then Attorney General Carl Bethel said once approved by Cabinet, marijuana legislation would be introduced to Parliament before the end of the budget year. However, that did not happen.


choodot43 5 months, 2 weeks ago

I live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have medical cannabis dispensaries that are allowing cannabis health benefits to many including my wife. Here, one must get a doctor's note/prescription approval and pay a yearly fee for a medical card. About $350.00 total to get approval per year. The cannabis available is clean and unadulterated as it is grown in controlled conditions and is more expensive than on the street level. Because of this, the quality of street level cannabis has increased significantly over the past few years which puts it in competition with medical cannabis. The Commonwealth is also enjoying the tax benefits and thus is on the way to allow retail sales down the road which will slow the sales of street level, untaxed cannabis. Citizens of the Commonwealth are allowed to grow 4 plants per residence. This was the first time that my plants were grown next to my tomatoes and peppers. While the end result was not in the same strength as medical, I know what was used to facilitate the growth. Organic fertilizer and no insecticides, thus a clean crop. If anyone thinks that it should be illegal, then they must realize that they are indicating that God is a Co-Conspirator in this crime. He provides seed, earth, water and sun. That is all that is needed. Other drugs, including alcohol, are processed for consumption. Not cannabis. So, think about the advantages here and in time this will eliminate the thriving business of sellers walking up and down the beaches in front of resorts, restaurants and such bothering and at times ripping off visitors from abroad. Having visited Grand Bahama over 20 times, I know that what I speak of is from experience (Bahama Princess days to Island Seas now) God bless the Bahamas! And allow all His creations to flourish!


hrysippus 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Just in case anyone is still wondering whether words spoken by Carl Bethel are to be believed I quote from this article; "then Attorney General Carl Bethel said once approved by Cabinet, marijuana legislation would be introduced to Parliament before the end of the budget year. However, that did not happen."


SP 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. STFU and get it done already!


carltonr61 5 months, 2 weeks ago

This Brave PLP is doing great social justice by normalizing the frightening stigma out there about Marijuana use while also not encouraging persons to use it. Laws against public smoking should be implemented we need data on the numbers and age of persons who use regularly and for what purpose. Most persons use it for stress. Marijuana would return sex life to menopausal females as CBD is a mood enhancer and relaxer. The problem is choosing the correct bio availability time for maximum effect duration. Edibles works with digestion although it is more dignified for some adults the effects could take a while. Just a shallow inhale of the smoke works within fifteen minutes and the relaxed state lasts for about 3 hours.


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