Flat on our face over good service

EDITOR, The Tribune.

There is a science for providing service unfortunately we talk a lot about being ‘Better and Better’ but we fall flat on our face many times when suggesting you are offering the general public a reasonable level of service.

Money transfer companies are exceptionally popular - must be making ‘000’s but my experience raises the obvious - when service quality fails, boy does it hurt.

Over two plus hours on line... at least one customer behind me on line able to jump the line by going to the BTC counter and bypass the ten customers who had been patiently waiting for service...now when you get to the cashier there was no extra time for processing so why the delay? Usual excuse the system, or was it blatant slowness and lack of responsiveness to the business customers?

Surely someone should have come out and told the long line of patiently waiting customers we have a system issue we regret there will be a delay. When I left at 4.00pm there was a line of over thirty people...did they get served?

No, not a word... not an apology from the cashier so if you ‘N-Go’ seems the customer waiting means nothing. Shame on you!

The same goes in our, oh so friendly banks... Christmas time and less cashiers than usual... what is that saying for sure to me a loud screaming story... We couldn’t care less about you, the customer! To all those in the service industry that give good service, thank you.

Anyone tried calling any Government Office this week? Ring... ring... ring all day long and rarely a response… no difference,

Editor, for the bad don’t care service of the Banks and Transfer Co... they don’t care we pay and they dish out the worst service.

SOS to Real Property Tax people incredible system down seems crashed the new Tyler system which the FNM installed must have totally failed... how many million did we pay for that? There are responsible Tax payers who want to pay, but are being stopped... The usual early pay concession/discount has to be extended as a result of the inability to Property Tax/Inland revenue to perform. Only $600m in arrears under property tax... can see why?

‘Tis the Season, but these issues make you fume!



December 21, 2021.


Robbo 5 months, 1 week ago

Couldn't agree more. And it's getting worse by the day. I spent three days last week trying to pay $20 to the Government


Dawes 5 months, 1 week ago

I would hope there would be some explanation as to why you can no longer pay your real property tax online. It wasn't a great site but at least it worked. Now you are just given a webpage to put in your assessment number and pay, but at no point do they tell you how much to pay. Not sure i would trust that with the amount of money needed to be sent. I can only think the Government is trying to get real property tax arrears to $1 billion, as once you miss the incentive for paying early you may as well wait for the next incentive from Government for not paying at all.


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