Parks Authority Audit

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Do two wrongs ever make a right - Public Parks Authority contracts comments of FNM Leader.

The published audit of the Parks Authority and the comments of the new leader of the FNM contrast to the extent that one really wonders how far political stupidity will go?

It seems clear to me that the management of Treasury funds and the correctness of granting contracts might have been breached – there has to be a serious question why the majority of contracts seem to have been in Killarney - Golden Gates and of all constituencies St Anne’s? These constituencies are significant as to who pre-election were the representatives.

For the new leader to posture and support the paying of the contractors in the circumstances is highly questionable and trying to bring criticism on the new administration for cancelling and not paying contracts fees which his administration did not pay is certainly a deviation of transparency and good management.

Editor, clearly Government will be well advised that a full urgent audit must take place of the operations of every aspect of the last administration.... Auditor General must be given the funds to contract external Auditing professionals for this purpose... waiting three-four years for a Government Audit is a waste of time... We need the full detailed audit within six-months at the most after the close of the fiscal year.



December 21, 2021.


themessenger 4 months ago

It will be interesting to see if the auditors also scrutinize the accounts of this same Ministry under the previous Christie government as the budget overruns for Public Parks were said to be even more astronomical and questionable than those now under the spotlight. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!


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