Social injustice for students

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Minister of Education has revealed that there are 8,000 delinquent students of the Virtual Learning Platform – who have been missing in action since the COVID-19 pandemic began. What a shameful social injustice.

It’s absolutely child abuse and neglect on a wholesale scale in The Bahamas. The harvest of social instability is staring us right in our eyes, and we appear to be foolishly indifferent about it.

Our country – The Bahamas is on the sure path of a failed state – where we proudly and carelessly breed anti-social citizens – in my humble view.

We seem not to care about the expanding vices in our nation, as we feel so safe and secured behind security bars and gates – with cameras keeping watch of our respective properties 24/7. What a friggin tragedy.

No one in The Bahamas is safe right now – in an environment of chronic social rot.

So, we could continue to treat our future with utter social contempt. Our deserving rewards are just beginning to manifest itself.



January 13, 2022.


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