Anti immigration is the theme – the upsurge of the rightwing

EDITOR, The Tribune.

In the past decade massive movements of displaced as well as opportunist immigration has happened all over the globe. Central America has seen groups of potential refugees in the tens of thousands march to the USA Border trying to get across, or at least put pressure upon Mexican-US authorities, with the message of how urgent Latin American poverty, criminality and political oppression truly has been. The US presently has 15-30 million undocumented persons within its borders, and this mass exodus of potentially illegal immigrants complicates this nation’s economic and political plans. Republicans refuse entry of these displaced people since they also want to expel the illegals presently within the US borders. Democrats attempt to stay their own policies of openness,realizing the growing public pressure to not allow for indiscriminate immigration at this time.

In Canada refugees simply need to walk across the border or arrive at an airport, asking for refugee status. In return many are allowed to stay in Canada for months, even years as they are processed and their applications considered. Canada’s Liberal Immigration and Refugee Policies are bitterly opposed by the Conservative Party empowered by Western and Prairie Public support. A true divide has appeared between rural and urban Canada that will become more critical as the next federal election comes upon us.

The EU(Europe) has many of its own problems both politically economic, criminal and social. France, Denmark, Greece and most other nations have very active and prospering right wing political parties. The totality of this can be seen in France’s last federal election, where far right and even extremist political parties captured more than 30 percent of the public vote. Germany too has a reviving right wing sector that has its tentacles within most of the nation’s political parties. While Germans attempt to remember, but not prioritize their historical roots, the shadows of The Reich still is felt and feared to this day. The EU has accepted, unwillingly at times, millions of displaced and opportunistic refugees escaping the poverty, oppression and racial discrimination of Africa and Asia. How has this massive population movement affected Europe? Criminality is on the rise everywhere. In Scandinavia many of the citizenry do not go out after 10pm, as groups of refugees, mostly young men rule the night, often verbally and physically assaulting, robbing and raping individuals. The local Police are under orders to maintain the peace, but not get involved unless necessary. Growth in these Criminal Gangland activities, as well as simply groups of men targeting local citizens continue to grow. The authorities have hesitated on using more forceful methods to quell this criminality, hoping to not be viewed as oppressive governments. Racist Domestic Terrorism has grown since 1988 by 68%, with hate crime incidents escalating. Well meaning citizens and their governments know not how to find and answer to this question: What do we do with all these wanted and unwanted Refugees? Billions upon billions of Euro’s have been spent on these refugees’ housing, healthcare, education, relocations. With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict adding further fuel to this crisis, EU Authorities are exhausted, and looking a bit weak. A perfect time for The Right to sway public opinion and ultimately voters’ choices.

Eurasia and Asia Major have a tradition where the political rightwing is viewed as a nationalistic force. The Military has strong political and economic ties, making the heads of the military very rich, while oppressing and manipulating their populations as they see fit. Burma, Cambodia, China are such regimes where nationalism is the uniting force that keeps the rightwing in power, while the authorities continue to be an important part of their nation’s criminal world. In China, the military complex has as its leaders Generals who act just like Russia’s Oligarchs did, taking over profitable corporations, issuing protectionist policies to businesses.

Yes, most large corporations pay a protection tax just like they would if Al Capone ran the roost. The Rightwing and Criminality seem to somehow complement each other.

Also the “communism” that exists in China is not leftwing or progressive in the least. It identifies well with historical past dictatorships where profit and power are their true motivations. Burma has to deal with its drug cartels, and the generals who are supposed to be eradicating them. Wonder how a general that makes officially @$150,000 a year can be a multi-millionaire in a few years?

Latin America has within its own continental borders mass movements from regions affected by natural disasters, criminality, political oppression and climate change impacted poverty. The Amazon is being destroyed through illegal deforestation, toxic waste dumping, the slave trade, illegal mining and its population deprived of this wealth. Argentina is going through another severe drought which drives the rural population to urban centres with no employment opportunities, so onto Chile or Brazil.

The Caribbean has continued to feel the effects of everything Mother Nature can throw at it. Natural disasters, oppressive regimes, lack of employment opportunities and poverty finds the average islander in need. Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica are just a few of the islands where the rightwing have control. Massive amounts of foreign aid move to these areas, only to disappear in a international global account somewhere. Criminality is a defining reason for many islanders to seek refugee status in “safer” regions around North America. Many of these “gang bangers” also become “refugees” in America or Canada, joining up with their compatriots, living their lives of criminality. Their presence within Canada and America give nationalist and rightwing pontiffs and groups reasons to call for severe immigration-refugee controls.

The Rightwing claims the progressive left use immigration and even the transient refugee population as a tool of political manipulation and a power grab for funds. Rightwing leaders like Frances Le Pens claim they will throw all illegal immigrants and refugees out of France, while Greece’s rightwing maybe diminished with the leaders of The Golden Dawn jailed, its multi-million membership still politically influential. Illegal immigrants and refugees remain the politically right’s boogie men. They appeal to those who have lost or cannot find a job, those without the home they would like while refugees are housed on the tax payers dime. Any excuse or claim will do, so long as it is stinging and has staying power. The New Right has been renamed, rebranded and re-imaged, but it is still the same as previously seen. Its methods often identical with the added illusion of public respectability perhaps.

Prejudice, ignorance and fear still rule the day, and those who will stand against these destructive forces are exhausted and often disillusioned.

New blood is needed within those forces of patience, acceptance and social activism. Doing something important this weekend folks? Those of you who know what it is like to be a new Canadian or American, an immigrant like you needs your help, advice and direction. Be constructive at all times, and stop those who only know how to destroy hope, democracy and fairness.




July 10, 2022.


JokeyJack 1 year, 4 months ago

Steven, maybe you should start a fund to raise money to provide FREE condoms and other contraceptive methods to all of these areas of the globe that contain many large 24 hour operation very productive baby factories. There are other things these people could be producing besides babies. Produce babies yes, but save some of their enter to produce food and clothing while they are at it.

Many rumors have spread that some nefarious rich people made Covid to reduce the global population. Apparently, knowing that HORRIBLE things are going to happen if they continue to overpopulate without any forethought of economics is not enough to scare these people into using contraceptives. Those at the top may decide that the next virus needs to simply be more deadly because this one was not deadly at all. 6 million people is nothing compared to the global population of 8 billion this December. Maybe the next virus will have to kill 4 billion people? Will these "refugees" learn then? Just wondering. They say that a word to the wise is sufficient - but of course for that to work the listener has to be wise.


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