Speaker’s rebuke of Russell

EDITOR, The Tribune.

It is always a joy and a privilege to pen a set of impressions on matters of a national charge – and for the greater-good-betterment of a people seeking to have the shortcomings adjustments where necessary – and never to belittle anyone, group or groups of people, party/organisations. For it is my belief that there is no place or time left to point the finger...for it accomplishes little.

Now, as I watched what made news this week in The Bahamas... firstly on the crime front, I am always saddened when lives are lost to gun violence ... and it appears that age doesn’t matter ... for we have seen victims as young as 13 years being targeted by as small a group of four teenagers and like a major criminal hit, not only execute their plan in broad daylight, but execute the victim also.

These are indeed troublesome times in which we live.

And on the political front, there is no question that the Parliamentary procedure code needs to be overhauled for it lacks many of the appropriate checks and balances to propel it to modern and equable status levelling fairness its dictates across the board and respecting objectivity, not showing favoritism to members of government, over the opposition members.

The takeaway from the session of parliament that involved the caption, points to how emotionally overwhelming the current make up presently constituted way the Bahamian parliamentary system is being-administered, causes a Speaker of the parliament more, or less, to expose some aligning weaknesses, which, in my opinion places blame on the inadequacy of the female spirit, cannot be right?

But, if we say that the Speaker may have been out of order to respond as she did then we must be inclined to address the freedom to speech, not only as a Speaker of parliament...but for the inherent reason that Creator God has given all the rights to voice our disapproval no matter the venue?

And if her responses involved her constituents labouring under a tornado that had actually touched down, resulting in material damage and threats to the lives of so many...and to many dwellings...exposing residents to cope with damaged roofs or no roofs, is understandable and what appeared to be the head of National Emergency Management Agency’s director Captain Stephen Russell’s apparently being missing-in-action, was cause for concern by the Speaker, any feeling of hurt is well founded.

But, and, I cannot attest to these allegations that the director had not lived up to mandate, it is open for discussion.

I think that what needs to come out of this is the across the board lack of expertise, professionalism, equipment, maybe the will to do. And on the scale needed to police the Commonwealth of The Bahamas weather-wise we just do not see those involved with verifying the threats-of-severe- weather on a daily basis and issuing the announcements via radio, mobile phones and or by television - doesn’t happen - not even severe weather sirens, say for Bay Street, shopping districts for the benefit of those citizens moving about their daily lives? This lackadaisical don’t-care behaviour usually displayed, and no fear of Mother Nature, will come full circle as it continues to exact lives, if we fail to comply...we saw it recently, during the weekend and crash of the private plane, unfortunately claiming the life of a female passenger and sending many to the hospital, etc.

Finally, in its present state. the Parliament of The Bahamas, and I am aware that it is a debating chamber, but what and how it goes on about its business there, has left much to be desired...I do not know who would be better suited to be House Speaker?

When under attack, one has the right to self defense, it seems to me and many Bahamians that they would rather the Speaker not say anything – but we are an educated, competent people and therefore, shall have our say, amen.

Thank you, editor, for allowing me these several viewpoints, I really appreciate it.



June 11, 2022.


themessenger 2 months ago

Lifts waffling on to a new level………


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