Electric cars

EDITOR, The Tribune.

EV’s or in simple language ‘electric vehicles.’

At a time when our finances are very tight and basically Government needs every dime, I do not see the economics in lowering the already lowered Duty on EVs.

For the betterment of the environment? Sorry, hogwash unless we were to have ‘OOO’s on the road not maybe a hundred or even two.

The loss of revenue to Government and to the motor vehicles sector is large... starters $1.12 plus on every gallon of gas consumed Treasury will not receive a dime any servicing, EV’s don’t need regular servicing, Treasury loses – VAT parts Duty is high plus VAT, loss of employment both full time and part time. A cost analysis clearly shows the loss is considerable against the gains.

Who certainly will benefit? Government if they change their fleet from gas-diesel to electric, but only they will save....their decision to switch will hurt Treasury revenue - thanks guys.

A $40,000 plus electric vehicle is, I suggest, an unnecessary luxury purchase - why is the Treasury affording those that can afford to purchase $40k plus vehicles substantial financial concessions to save - those who buy $40k vehicles surely can afford the usual Duty rate?

Environmentalists, scream all you like, I suggest the argument is very much against you. How many EV’s will have any environmental benefit on our air quality? I do see Government and commercial businesses switching from diesel to EV that makes more sense – as diesel does if emissions are not checked – pollute. Prefer the CASH in the Treasury – If you haven’t heard, they need every dime!



June 14, 2022.


ohdrap4 7 months, 3 weeks ago

It costs 20000 to replace battery in a teeny weeny EV.

But the plug where the EV charges is powered by BPL's bunker oil. Nope your car does not produce emissions. BPL does it ahead of time for you.



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