Eight months in jail for hitting woman with bat


Tribune Court Reporter


A WOMAN was sentenced to eight months behind bars for hitting another woman in the head with a metal bat.

Monalisa Knowles, 28, appeared before Assistant Chief Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans on a charge of using a dangerous instrument and causing harm.

On March 9 at Miami Street, the accused reportedly attacked Treshell Lowe at her residence with a steel bat.

In a previous court appearance, several witnesses gave testimony that Lowe suffered injuries similar to a concussion after the attack. In addition, according to official hospital documents, she also suffered from vomiting and swelling in her head.

Magistrate Vogt-Evans found the accused guilty of the charges against her. The magistrate said the evidence presented against Knowles painted her as a violent aggressor who went out of her way to attack the complainant.

After the accused elected to say nothing in mitigation after the magistrate’s ruling and her official conviction, Knowles disputed what happened during the incident. She insisted that she only poked Lowe that day after an argument.

This response led the magistrate to demand to know why that poke left the complainant on the ground and then in hospital.

In addition to the court finding Knowles was not remorseful for her actions, Magistrate Vogt-Evans described her as aggressive and biggity.

For these reasons Knowles was ordered to serve eight months for the assault charge and three months for the causing harm charge to be served concurrently at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

The defendant’s mother was in tears as she was escorted from the courtroom. Knowles was told she has seven days to appeal the magistrate’s ruling.

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