A road by a new name

EDITOR, The Tribune.

As an interested party in the resurrection of this ancient road/lane (Eastern Cemetery Lane), about which a Ministry of Works notice appearing in yesterday’s Tribune proposes that it be renamed to Harbourside Way.

I was approached last year by the then Minister Desmond Bannister, asking, on behalf of Dr Diggis of Doctors Hospital (DHS), if I would have any objection to renaming it, as DHS which had purchased the old Red Carpet Inn for a long term care facility, was somewhat uncomfortable having it at such an address.

I told Minister Bannister that I had no objection to changing the name as I was just delighted to have the Lane re-opened after these many years. I write now, only to say that “Harbourside Way” seems not to do it justice, and there is already a neighbouring business named Harbourside Marine, and there is no connection between the two.

I had suggested to Minister Bannister at the time, that a name, perhaps linked to Waterloo Lake immediately to the east, or to the name of the original home that was replaced by Scotia Trust, on the East Bay Street end of the Lane, Windermere House, or the name of the original owners of Windermere House, Carl and Anna Brice, might maintain the ancient history of this Lane. Windermere Way or Brice Lane, I felt might be appropriate. Brice Lane would certainly be in keeping with its sister Lane, “Western Cemetery Lane”, renamed to Moseley Lane in honour of George Moseley, who had fought and died in WWII.

In this day and age, where almost everything of historical interest or importance, seems to offend someone, might we not remember the pioneers who went before us.

I have hereon copied Permanent Secretary Luther Smith, by way of an objection to the proposed name and would hereby ask him to give consideration to “Brice Lane” or “Windermere Way”, neither of which names I think would upset Dr Diggis.



June 21, 2022.


realitycheck242 3 months ago

Since the new lane is midway between potters cay and the montaque fish dock .....lets just call it Crawfish alley as we already have a dead cat and dog flee alley's


themessenger 3 months ago

😂🤣😂 an old folks care facility domiciled at Eastern Cemetery Lane, even Dr Diggis can surely see the humor in that.😂🤣


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