Gladstone Road to be four lanes by end-2024


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Gladstone Road will be transformed into a four-lane highway over its entire length - from Carmichael Road to John F Kennedy (JFK) Drive - by end-2024, it was revealed last night.

Lambert Knowles, principal of Engineering and Technical Services (ETS), and lead engineer on the Gladstone Road Improvement Project, told a town hall meeting: “After discussions with the Ministry of Works on the studies, the design criteria was to increase Gladstone Road to four lanes.

“Then the width of each lane will be 12 feet, enough to provide six-foot sidewalks on both sides of Gladstone Road for the full length wherever it is possible. To provide a bicycle path outside of the driving surface.

“To provide bus stops with approximately half of a mile maximum distance between any of the bus stops. To provide sight distance for speed at 350 feet, so that you can see a vehicle and a posted speed, and the design speed of 35 miles per hour.”

New roundabouts will be constructed at the new Rubis gas station, and another near Aquinas College high school. There will also be changes to the roundabout at JFK Drive and Gladstone Road.

Mr Knowles said: “The biggest problem we found with Gladstone Road after a two-year investigation was with the existing gap layout. The existing JFK layout has a significant issue with not allowing traffic to slow down westbound coming along JFK.

“They basically zoom through and prevent anybody else getting on the roundabout, especially north-bound from Gladstone Road. Plus, it’s also unsafe, because of the speeds you can get going around the roundabout. One of the main things to be done was to try and correct that.”

The JFK roundabout will be expanded to three lanes in some areas, and will be dual lane for the most part. Mr Knowles said this will create better traffic flow for that intersection, and allow vehicles exiting Gladstone Road on its north end better access to join the traffic.

There will be a total of 13 new bus stops along Gladstone Road with designs that will mirror those on Baha Mar Boulevard, with adequate pull over space. There will also be a proposed four-foot pull-over lane for both north and south-bound traffic.

Mr Knowles said: “At the moment, civil design is 90 percent complete or more; we’re just making adjustments. The intention is to go to tender, or at least put out a notification for request for tenders, sometime before the second quarter of this year.

“Then the tender award would be in just around the middle of this year. The part before we can start work is that we have to relocate the utility poles, so we’re looking at starting that somewhere around the second quarter.

“Hopefully we can start road construction in the third quarter of this year. It is going to be an 18 months to 24-month project, so we’re looking at completion in the third or fourth quarter 2024.”

Mr Knowles assured residents that accessibility for motorists will be paramount, and there will be no closing off of properties during the construction process.


John 11 months ago

Hopefully the engineering on the proposed round-abouts will be better than the engineering and layout of the round-about at West Bay and Blake Road. Coming East into the Roundabout on West Bay Street or North into the Roundabout from Blake Road, a driver can easily end up into a boundary wall on in the sea with even a slight miscalculation. Simply because rather than acquiring the necessary land to move the roundabout a few feet South and laying it out properly, the traffic circle is being squeezed onto existing space that is obviously inadequate. There is no room for a sidewalk or even a proper curb on the northern side and padestrains and bicyclists are left at odds as to what to do when they have to cross this area. It is simply dangerous. One would think the entire purpose of the new layout was to make the junction more safe and more easier to navigate. Maybe authorities will at least place guardrails preventing vehicles from running into the sea or crashing into the wall of the caves project.


SP 11 months ago

It's going to take 2 years? Wow, who got the contract Touché Turtle?


John 11 months ago

It involves a lot of work and Gladstone Road is always busy. So road closures will be a major factor and also points of entry will have to be minimized to keep traffic flowing. So some areas may require service roads to access businesses


John 11 months ago

And it will be a good economic boost to keep at least 200 young men employed for two years. Hopefully other major projects will also be going on at the same time. Obviously low unemployment among young males will have a positive impact on crime.


krolle1 11 months ago

its about time . anyone who travels that road especially during school mornings would agree. long overdue


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