200 Haitian migrants repatriated

HAITIAN migrants being loaded onto the charter flight yesterday for repatriation.

HAITIAN migrants being loaded onto the charter flight yesterday for repatriation.

NEARLY 200 Haitian migrants were repatriated to their homeland in two separate charter flights yesterday.

The first Bahamasair flight left New Providence for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with 77 men, 33 women, and 15 minors onboard. Later that morning, a second charter departed with a group of 49 men and four women.

The Department of Immigration’s deportation team led this escort with all COVID-19 protocols strictly observed “as the health, welfare, and safety of our officers, law enforcement counterparts, and migrants remain the highest priority in this COVID- 19 environment,” a press release noted.


DDK 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Just a drop in the bucket and a free ride home to visit family and friends🤣


LastManStanding 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Coming right back on the next sloop over.


SP 3 months, 3 weeks ago

With 100,000+ illegals roaming freely among us, immigration can only find 200? More than 200 illegal Haitians come on a single sailboat, and we're wasting 10's of 1000s of taxpayers' money on jetting them back? This is not sustainable. They came by boat, send them back by boat!

The only difference between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Haitian invasion of the Bahamas is Russia is using weapons and Haitians are using stealth.

The result is EXACTLY THE SAME!

Why haven't any government implemented even minor impediments to stem the invasion of Haitians to the Bahamas? What secret agreements have tied their hands, and to whom, by the PLP and FNM that stop them from implementing common-sense deterrents to stop the Haitian invasion?

Enforcing a simple $10,000 fine and revoking of work permits, citizenship, or residency, for anyone caught employing or aiding illegals would shut the door on illegals overnight. Why hasn't this been done? What under-the-table "deals" are Bahamians unknowingly tied to by the PLP and FNM?

The population of the Bahamas would be in the 150,000 range without illegal Haitians! There would be no unemployment, crime would be less, gang activity would be less, the country's health, social, law enforcement, and education, services would be SIGNIFICANTLY improved.

So what are we doing??


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