Retailers in pick-up for Mother’s Day


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Florists and gift shops yesterday said they have been receiving “plenty of orders” with Mother’s Day fast approaching, adding that business volumes were holding up well compared to pre-COVID figures.

Loretta Simmons, general manager of Just Nuts, told Tribune Business that this year is looking “very good” compared to 2019 with consumers coming into the store from Monday onwards to have their Mother’s Day baskets arranged.

She said the store sells more than just confectionary, describing it as a “gift store” that does basket arrangements with dry fruits and sells small novelty items. “We have our regulars who know that this is what we do. We are not only a nuts store but we are a gift hub. So we have persons that know what we do who normally purchase from us, and they come to get their stuff every year,” Ms Simmons added. “The week of Mother’s Day is always crazy.”

Cheryl McSweeney, owner/operator of New Island Florist, said: “Things are looking pretty good for this Mother’s Day. But we really can’t compare to 2019 as a lot of things have changed. It’s pretty good.

Today and Saturday are the big days for Mother’s Day shopping, as this is when persons start to finalise their orders for fresh flowers on Sunday. “Shopping started from Monday really, but we are looking for a big day today and Saturday, and then I open again on Sunday,” she added.

“There are mostly men coming in for their wives and mothers. Then we also have a lot of churches that come in as well because they buy the single flowers for their members to give them out.”

Ms Deborah Outten, owner of Petal Pushers, said business has not been that robust this year. She says this is due to her East Bay Street location, and she does not have the visibility she used to have in years gone by.

“I’m hoping for a bump up in sales for this Friday for those last-minute shoppers. This happens every year for us on Mother’s Day, but for Valentine’s Day you have to tow a line to get in here on Valentine’s,” she added.

“The men are shopping the most and they are putting more emphasis on their wives and their girlfriends. Some don’t even have mothers, so it is what it is.”


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