Man guilty of stealing groceries begs for help with drug problem


A MAN convicted for stealing groceries begged a Magistrate for help with his drug problem in court yesterday.

Sonny Brown, 36, appeared before Assistant Chief Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans for stealing from a shop and deceit of an officer.

At around 10.20am on May 10 at Xtra Value on University Drive and Carter Street, store manager Kevin Hanna reported the accused leaving the store suspiciously. After he was stopped Brown was found with $128.40 worth of groceries stowed away in his waistband.

These recovered items included a Downy firework scent booster, Downy odour defense, Downy unstoppable, 2 Libby’s Vienna sausages and a strawberry and banana fruit juice smoothie.

Earlier the same day at 3:05am Brown is also alleged to have given false testimony to PC 4441 Davis.

In court Brown pleaded guilty to the stealing charge, but pleaded not guilty to the charge of deceit.

In addition to admitting to the grocery theft the accused said that he had a drug problem. Brown then begged the court for help with his drug addiction saying he “brings shame to his family”.

He also told the magistrate that his daughter’s schoolmates call him a “crackhead” and that his wife had already tried to get him help for his cocaine addiction.

The Magistrate told Brown to take up his own personal accountability, saying that he needs to get himself help. She went on to say that he is a grown man and that the country is already struggling to recover from the pandemic and hurricane Dorian.

Magistrate Vogt-Evans indicated that Brown had already been in court three times on similar charges with the last one resulting in a $500 fine. In view of his drug problem the Magistrate elected to give the accused a conditional discharge.

As such Brown is expected to attend drug counseling courses for one year. Failure to comply will result in a $250 fine or six months in prison.

The prosecution elected to withdraw the accused’s deceit charge.

The case was adjourned for mention on July 1.

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