SCHOOL SHUTDOWN: Queen’s College, SAC and St Anne’s revert to virtual tuition after COVID cases


Tribune Staff Reporter


THREE private schools have reverted to virtual learning, citing positive COVID-19 cases among either students or staff members.

This comes as the Stephen Dillet School suspended face-to-face learning due to an increase in cases at the school and there could be other schools with cases, suggested Bahamas Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson.

The school closures come as health officials have noticed an increase in new virus cases in recent weeks.

In letters seen by The Tribune, Saint Augustine’s College and St Anne’s School said they would revert to virtual learning. It was also confirmed that Queen’s College has reverted to virtual learning due to the presence of COVID-19 on the campus.

There will be a briefing today at noon by the Office of the Prime Minister giving an update on COVID-19 and its impact on schools.

In a letter dated May 10, St Anne’s School Principal Nicolette Fountain explained that several members of the school family tested positive for the virus.

Ms Fountain added that the Ministry of Health and the Contact Tracing Team were contacted and apprised of the situation.

 “As a result of the consultation, and out of an abundance of caution, we were advised to impose a seven-day quarantine for all staff and students at St Anne’s School,” the letter said. “This includes the school’s office. We will return to full virtual learning starting tomorrow, Wednesday 11 2022; and we return face-to-face on Wednesday, May 17, 2022.”

 “..If you or your child exhibits any symptoms, please contact the school and we will in turn forward the information to the contact tracing team. Testing is not recommended before 7 days into the quarantine period as early testing can provide a false negative result.”

 The school also will be fully sanitised, she said.

 Meanwhile at Saint Augustine’s College Acting Principal Marici Thompson in a letter said one of the staff members tested positive for the virus and as of May 11 virtual classes would resume until May 18, 2022.

 She said: “We will return to campus for full in-person classes on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Students must log on for morning homeroom at 8.30am and must attend all classes. I know this is not an ideal situation for our teachers and students, but out of an abundance of caution, we must take these immediate measures to safeguard our school population. Grade twelve will continue their final exams as scheduled, and in person. Grade nine Art BJC exams will move to Thursday, May 19, until May 24 2022.”

 As for Stephen Dillet, the Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training advised in a press release that due to an increase in cases at the school and in an effort to “exercise an abundance of caution” all face-to-face instruction at that school has been suspended “effectively immediately” face-to-face instructions will resume on May 16, 2022.

 During May 9-13, students will receive their instructions by the virtual platform. Students are to log into their virtual classes every day to receive instructions.

 “In case of students who have difficulty gaining access to the virtual platform, their parents can collect learning packets from the school,” the release said.

 The release was posted on the ministry’s Facebook page on Tuesday.


BUT president Belinda Wilson.

 In an audio message sent by the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) President Belinda Wilson yesterday, it was confirmed there was some positive cases on Friday as relates to Stephen Dillet Primary School,

“We had teachers who went yesterday, Tuesday, to do COVID tests. I’m waiting to get the update on how many of them would’ve tested positive. I got some information yesterday and I await the update today,” the message said.

 She also said that Garvin Tynes, SC McPherson and a few other schools have COVID concerns.

 “We’re always concerned about the health and safety of our teachers and by extension our students. So, we see the COVID numbers are rising and we’ve had a few cases at various schools, so we’re also closely monitoring those schools.”

 “So, we would’ve had Garvin Tynes, Stephen Dillet, we now have SC McPherson and few other schools that have COVID concerns. So, we are monitoring them closely, our union executives, in particular our area vice president…he’s been moving around to the schools checking on these matters but we are always concerned because for us it’s safety first.”

 Mrs Wilson said the BUT is expected to meet with Ministry of Health and Wellness officials tomorrow.


rosiepi 4 months, 2 weeks ago

None of these cases will be added to the ‘official’ numbers of Covid infections as per policy in MOH. Has the MOH ever participated in classroom info sessions about the vaccines, tying these to their lessons on science? Have they ever set up vaccination opportunities at the schools?


JokeyJack 4 months, 2 weeks ago

You are a very sick individual. Please seek therapy asap. Are you a closet pedophile, and see Covid as another way to let your hatred of children come out?


bahamianson 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Then they would love children and not hate them


CoolCatBD 4 months, 2 weeks ago

"Many recognizable examples of mass formation. Here is one: accept novel genetic product with no long-term safety assurances to prevent an infection every six months, get the infection, and continue taking the same product, get infection again. No questions, no stopping point." Dr. Robert Malone


“Four legs good, two legs better!" George Orwell, Animal Farm


bahamianson 4 months, 2 weeks ago

What do they call the party in the street,again? They need to cancel that. The girls will be furious. They won't be able to show their bodies and shake up while calling all whom gawk at them perverts. Dahhhhh!


JokeyJack 4 months, 2 weeks ago

"There will be a briefing today at noon by the Office of the Prime Minister giving an update on COVID-19 and its impact on schools."


Will he be SURE to inform us how many students have died across the nation from "Covid" since March 2019 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Of course he won't.

These are just some mentally ill individual who hate children, making mountains out of mole hills in their efforts to satisfy their perversion of hurting children to pay back for their own terrible upbringing. "I didn't get a good education, so I will ensure that nobody else does either". Wow. Truly sick.

HOW MANY STUDENTS HAVE DIED ??????????????????????????????????????


Sickened 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Dear Editor, please fix the headline to 'learning' instead of 'tuition'.


tribanon 4 months, 2 weeks ago

The evil forces at play are pressing for all our children and grandchildren to be jabbed at least every six months with God only knows what. Meanwhile our children are now seldom ever diagnosed as having a flu virus.

Bahamian parents and grandparents of students need to become much more vocal about the destructive consequences these ridiculous school shutdown measures are having on their loved ones. Truly sad that our innocent children are now being used for political purposes.


ohdrap4 4 months, 2 weeks ago



ohdrap4 4 months, 2 weeks ago

The tyrant school administrators want this. they keep going to the campus and goofing off in the air conditioning while the teachers, students and parent have their life turned upside down.

The headline is correct. They want tuition, TUITION FEES, that is.

When my brother and suster had chicken pox, they stayed and home on a 2 week vacation. When it was my turn, my mother forced feverish me to go to school. I wanted my vacation and i was feeling awful. I went to school and told the kids I had chicken pox. They told a horrified religion teacher who sent me home after the break. I got my vacation. LOL. I hope the shingles never appear.


DDK 4 months, 2 weeks ago

At this rate the population will become even more illiterate and uneducated (aka dumber and dumber). Is this not the desired end goal?


Baha10 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Wondering how the sole “Sandals” Survivor is doing … still alive, still paralyzed … can we turn back on our ACs … or perhaps enjoy a juicy piece of sweet Barracuda?!?


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