Firearm Discovered By Police

EIGHT Mile Rock police recovered an unlicenced firearm on Wednesday.

Police said sometime around 2pm, an adult male came into the Eight Mile Rock Police Station and handed over an unlicensed firearm.

Further, he said that while cleaning up an old dilapidated building near Holy Temple Church in Jones Town, he found the firearm buried in the ground. Upon inspection by officers, it was discovered to be a .40 pistol with no magazine. The firearm was later handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.

Later that night at around 8pm, a team of officers from the Marine Support Unit, acting on information, went to a service road on Settlers Way, where they saw a small black vehicle and motorbike parked on the western side of the service road and two dark males standing nearby.

Upon arrival, both vehicles left the area at a high rate of speed in separate directions making good their escape. The officers then searched the area and found a blue cloth bag next to an old water heater. The bag was inspected and it contained a quantity of suspected marijuana. The suspected marijuana was later handed over to the Drug Enforcement Unit for further investigation.

Police in Abaco also recovered an unlicensed firearm and ammunition early Thursday morning.

Shortly before 1am a team of officers from the Marsh Harbour Police Station, acting on information and armed with a search warrant proceeded to an apartment complex located in Murphy Town, Abaco.

Upon arrival, officers were assisted by the caretaker to gain access to the property.

Once inside, a search was conducted of the interior. While searching, officers found a 12-gauge shotgun and a large number of shotgun shells.

Further, no one had permission to occupy the apartment unit. The suspect in this matter is being sought. The firearm and ammunition were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.


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