Guilty Plea To Drugs Charge, Two Others Discharged

By Pavel Bailey

TWO MEN and a woman were charged in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday with drug possession and intent to supply.

Jadri Evans, Darius Brown and Kelley Nottage appeared before Senior Magistrate Samuel McKinney on a shared charge of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply.

At around 5:30pm on May 10 on Fire Trail Road police stopped the three suspects in a Blue Nissan Bird for suspected drugs and firearms. Upon conducting a search of the vehicle authorities uncovered a black plastic wrap containing Indian Hemp (MJ) in the front passenger seat.

Another clear plastic container with MJ in it was also found in the vehicle’s armrest resulting in a combined seizure of 9 1/8 ounces of Indian Hemp.

In court Evans pleaded guilty to the offence while the other two accused pleaded not guilty.

Evans then told the Magistrate that he admitted owning the drugs to his arresting officers and further claimed that he was on the way to take them to Carmichael Road Police Station at the time.

Evan’s attorney Ian Cargill as part of his client’s plea of mitigation pointed out that the accused had no prior record and had admitted guilt to both the court and police at the earliest opportunity to save their time.

While Cargill said that the other accused were unaware of the drugs in the car and that Evans is a smoker, he still asked that the court give a remorseful Evans a second chance to be an upstanding citizen.

In view of this the Magistrate ordered Evans to pay a $1,000 fine or face six months in prison. The other two accused were discharged.

Before being ushered from the courtroom Evans asked Magistrate McKinney if he could pay half of his fine before his release to which the Magistrate agreed on condition that he pay the balance by May 17.

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