Man Gets Probation For Threatening To Kill Mother Of His Child

By Pavel Bailey

A MAN was put on probation for two years last Friday for threatening to kill the mother of his child.

Letero Pyfrom, 27, faced Senior Magistrate Samuel McKinney accused of threats of death.

On May 10 in New Providence Pyfrom is accused of threatening to kill Philicia Saunders, his girlfriend of eight years and mother of his 2-year-old child.

In court the accused pleaded guilty to the charge with an explanation.

Pyfrom told the court that he and Saunders had got into an argument on the morning of the day in question. He explained that while they were arguing Saunders accused him of cheating on her, causing him to curse her and say that he would kill her.

While the accused admitted to making this death threat, he claimed he didn’t really mean anything by it and never intended to do Saunders real harm.

When asking the court for leniency in sentencing, Saunders pointed out that he had admitted to the offence at the earliest opportunity to both the court and police to spare their time. He also said that he didn’t want to jeopardize his recent promotion at work.

In view of this Magistrate McKinney placed Saunders on two years probation for the charge, failing which he will go to prison for one year. The magistrate also warned Saunders not to go near Saunders or her residence.

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