Police Confirm Long Island Investigation Concerning Water And Sewerage Corporation

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Leamond Deleveaux confirmed that police are in Long Island conducting investigations.

He said police were looking into a matter concerning the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

However he would not confirm whether former executive chairman Adrian Gibson was at the heart of the matter.

He was contacted after reports circulated that vehicles in Long Island allegedly belonging to Mr Gibson were seized as part of the investigation.

ACP Deleveaux said Mr Gibson was not in custody and he could not confirm whether any vehicles were taken by police.


ThisIsOurs 6 days, 23 hours ago

Huh? I recall the Israeli money laundering consultant saying that all of these guys must go to the same school.. I guess we'll see if he's correct... would depend on whether the chips fall in the toilet bowl again


sheeprunner12 6 days, 20 hours ago

What utter nonsense..... This Deleveaux man has an axe to grind with the FNM. How can he investigate anything like this? He sounds like he is acting as a henchman of the Brave One

Why stoop to this level of stupidity? This will go nowhere good for the so-called "investigators".


DonAnthony 6 days, 20 hours ago

I live in Long Island and my family did not vote because of these allegations against Mr. Gibson. If he is guilty, I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, we are tired of corruption in the Bahamas.


Baha10 6 days, 19 hours ago

Rather than deflecting on a Kangaroo Investigation in neighboring Long Island … should the focus not be on Exuma and what someone termed the “Sandals Scandal” that has left 3 (possibly 4) dead with No Answers after a week?!?

Are we being subjected to an orchestrated Media Blackout?


Maximilianotto 6 days, 17 hours ago

Black crab - your cars are more important than 3 dead Americans. Sandals scandal cover up won’t work outside the country. But nicer to cut ribbons and talk about deals than taking real responsibility. Amen.


LastManStanding 6 days, 16 hours ago

PLP is out for revenge over Shane Gibson and Frank Smith. Ingraham advised Minnis to not bother with political prosecutions, but he chose not to listen. The tables have turned now, and the shoe is on the other foot.


tribanon 6 days, 13 hours ago

And when all is said and done, you and I as Bahamians will be left barefoot.


sheeprunner12 6 days, 5 hours ago

This case is different...... This is a vengeful nasty PLP PM going after a sitting FNM MP who he has a beef with. Davis has even engaged the services of a scorned, rejected LBT. This is a blatant violation of unwritten parliamentary rules.

This will not end well for Brave if he does not convict Adrian Gibson. Truth is, Brave is in a lose:lose situation. Both personal and political. The evidence to convict Adrian is NOT there. This is a kangaroo court case, meant to damage Adrian Gibson's personal & political status.

Ppl know that WSC did more under Minnis/Gibson across the country than at any other time in the past. What has WSC done so far under Brave, before or now?



ThisIsOurs 5 days, 23 hours ago

Well seeing as they're still gathering evidence I dont know if anyone can say the evidence isnt there. The one thing Brave has on his side that Minnis didn't is some A-1 lawyers. For your sake, I hope he did nothing


ThisIsOurs 5 days, 7 hours ago

"Ppl know that WSC did more under Minnis/Gibson across the country than at any other time in the past. What has WSC done so far under Brave, before or now?"

This tells me your objectivity is way gone. WSC under Glen Laville executed a massive water improvement campaign waaaaay before anyone knew who Adrian or Minnis were. If you lived in Nassau you'd know about rusty water and white clothes and you'd know about non existant water pressure.

Theres still alot to do but Gibson shot himself in the foot when he got rid of a very effective engineer and general manager in weirdly enough what could only be described as a witch hunt


sheeprunner12 5 days, 6 hours ago

My objectivity is clear ...... You believe that Nassau is The Bahamas. The WSC under Adrian Gibson developed water systems across the entire country, with money that Davis had sat on for almost 2 years prior to 2017.

But I don't have to defend Adrian, he can do that better than anyone else.


ThisIsOurs 5 days, 2 hours ago

Straw man argument. (And I dont think NP is the Bahamas, by the mere fact that I said "if you lived on NP)

Your statement was noone did anything before Adrian showed up on a white horse. The fact that 70% of the population lives on NP and there was a major waterworks upgrade on that island does not equate to "nothing". Its why I used The NP example to belie your statement. If you want to make a statement that the family islands have been neglected, Ill agree with you on that. Ragged Island. Inagua. Mayaguana. Abaco and GB.


sheeprunner12 5 days ago

Ok, I'll agree with that point about NP. But that was under the FNM (Ingraham) as well.

So, my point that the PLP/Davis cannot take any credit for WSC upgrades of any major impact in the past 20 years still stand.

If you think that Adrian Gibson is in any way near as corrupt as anyone who has been implicated in the PLP under Christie & Davis, I will find that very surprising.

But you are free to hold your opinions, as I do mine. I rest my case.


ThisIsOurs 3 days, 19 hours ago

I'm not a supporter of either party. I had no love for foolishness committed under the FNM or the PLP, if a PLP or FNM shows me integrity, transparency hard work and accountability I'll support that person.


TalRussell 5 days, 23 hours ago

Speaks to the seriousness of concern as to "how deep sewage could runs, when not long upon news reaching that the policeman's have shifted their investigative directions by launching an aggressive investigation into what can best be described as surrounding the House's fringe red opposition party's kaleidoscope governance dealings, the reds would've wanna choose someone as experienced like Sheeprunner12* as thee one assume the role as they's “Old Ram" on thee ground on Long Island. ― Yes?


ThisIsOurs 5 days, 7 hours ago

The minute Adrian Gibson uttered the words "I thought I should have been appointed a cabinet minister" it should have been a sign to the leadership that he was not ready to lead... anything. Whether this investigation turns up duck eggs or not it will be a long road for the country... (not "Long Island") to put any faith in him again.


TalRussell 4 days, 20 hours ago

Careful Comrade ThisIsOurs, somebody talkin' like you does about Long Island's Adrian, *gonna get you hurt really bad if lands in crossbow range of SheepRunner12, ― Yes?


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