Five weeks of rising COVID cases in region


Tribune Staff Reporter


FOR the past five consecutive weeks the Caribbean has experienced a rise in new COVID-19 infections, according to Pan American Health Organisation Director Dr Carissa Etienne yesterday.

This has equated to a 9.3 percent raise in cases and a 49 percent increase in deaths.

During a virtual press briefing yesterday, she warned: “COVID is again on the rise in the Americas”.

 She went on to note: “New infections and fatalities of COVID-19 have been rising steadily over the past four weeks. Last week, our region reported more than 918,000 cases - a 27.2 percent increase compared with the previous week. Over 3,500 deaths were reported. COVID-19 hospitalisations increased in 18 countries, and admissions to Intensive Care Units rose in 13 countries and territories.”

 She added that more than half of the infections were reported in North America where cases have been climbing for the past seven weeks. The surge is driven by new infections in the United States which recorded more than 605,000 cases, which is a 33 percent increase.

 Central America saw the largest rise in cases with infections soaring by 80 percent.

 “Across the Caribbean, COVID-19 cases have been increasing for five consecutive weeks with a raise of 9.3 percent in cases and a jump in deaths of 49 percent as compared with the previous week. Fourteen countries and territories in the Caribbean reported increases in hospitalisations,” Dr Etienne said.

 This comes as health officials last week previously said the country is in another surge of COVID-19.

 Asked what should be in place to deal with the case increases, Director of Health Emergencies Dr Ciro Ugarte noted the recommendation for continued surveillance.

 He said: “We need to take into account and remember that the pandemic is not over yet and all individual collective precautions, including health and social measures, must be in place, but also they must be adopted to the level of transmission also to the new cases that are reported, the availability of health services and, of course, the vaccination coverage, particularly for the population at higher risk to develop severe disease or death.

 “In that regard, we recommend continued active surveillance for early detection of new cases, particularly the community level.”

 Asked what touristic countries like The Bahamas should do as the pandemic rages on, Dr Ugarte said:

  “Each country must adopt corresponding measures to protect their own population and continue to reduce the national and international transmission of COVID-19. At the end it comes to the adoption of the most efficient measures that will continue to reduce transmission and social and economic impact of the pandemic.”

 He added that actions for early detection must be implemented to ensure the protection of those who will come into contact with visitors.

 “So it is important to establish that surveillance that we have already mentioned several times because in large epidemics when the virus is already present in the countries the most important feature is to early detect the cases that are community level and implement all the measures to reduce the transmission and control those surges,” he said.


carltonr61 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Right in tandem with new vaccine for children rollout. This thing just cannot be made up. Kids put against the firing line vaccine blackmailing or no education. Even though new vaccine Dada release days kids are harmed more by vaccine. This is just too diabolical criminal and contrived.


ohdrap4 2 months, 3 weeks ago

BTW . Walgreens kept a highly detailed records of test results.

The population with the highest positivity rate were those who were triplenjabbed more than 5 months ago.


ohdrap4 2 months, 3 weeks ago

why is it that no one is talking about the WHO TREATY to be voted on on MAY 22.

The unelected medical warriors are grabbing power to mandate lockdowns and vaccinations over and above countries and constitutions. they would also impose economic sanctions for non compliance.

bill Gates is the devil.


carltonr61 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Apparently bird flu has been weaponized as throughout history history it could only pass bird to human then die. Apparently bird flu can now jump human to human. And is worst than covid. The magicians are at work.


JokeyJack 2 months, 3 weeks ago

The real magic trick they are performing, however, is the massive increase in stupidity among the population. It is truly amazing that people are believing this nonsense.

Somehow, most people don't realize that we have had Covid deaths because the Covid medicine has been outlawed.

If aspirin and Tylenol etc were outlawed we would have a massive increase in "cases" of headaches.

I'm sure that the Treaty to be signed on the 22nd of this month is nowhere to be found to be read. Has our Minister of Foreign Affairs seen fit to share a copy of this document with us lowly slaves ?


carltonr61 2 months, 3 weeks ago

@ JockJ. The rules are piped down our throats once we are signatories. We become slaves. The masters tell us when our people are allowed to die, starve , get education be forced vaccinated with experiamtal justifications dictates that murder our human rights to refuse vaccinations for our children that killed dogs.


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