Protect our sovereignty

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I write to you as a concerned Bahamian citizen, urging The Bahamas Government to oppose the proposed amendments to the World Health Organisation's International Health Regulations, which would effectively cede the Bahamas' sovereignty to a globalist organisation seeking the power to control free nations' response to future health crises.

These new proposals would, among other things, empower the WHO Director-General to unilaterally declare health emergencies in any member state without their support or consent, without consulting their leader(s), and without necessary specification as to what would or should constitute such an emergency. If passed, these new amendments will, by their existence alone, drastically compromise the independence and self-governing authority of The Bahamas and hundreds of other countries across the globe.

I hope our leaders at the UN and the World Health Assembly will sincerely listen to the concerns of the Bahamian citizens they represent, and oppose this takeover of our country's ability to respond to future health crises and pandemics without undue influence by an outside, global entity.

• Stop The Treaty

• Stop The Who

Thank you.



May 24, 2022.


hrysippus 2 months, 3 weeks ago

The far right media in the USA has long opposed the WHO, an organization that has saved countless lives during it's existence . As far as I can ascertain the Far Right media in the USA has never saved any lives, on the contrary their unwavering support for the NRA and the gun lobby has resulted in thousands upon thousand of people dead, including over a thousand in the Bahamas over the past decade, killed by guns which most certainly originated in our large Northern neighbor.


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