AML: 8,000 sign-up for shopper loyalty move


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AML Foods says more than 8,000 consumers have already signed up for its latest loyalty initiative that has been launched to help Bahamians combat soaring inflation.

Renea Bastian, the Solomon’s and Cost Right operator’s vice-president of marketing and communications, said the Ultimate Rewards Programme (URP) will be rolled out at all the BISX-listed food retail and franchise provider’s Nassau, Freeport and Exuma locations.

“Every time our customers shop they will receive one point for every dollar they spend. We recognise how difficult it is right now with inflation, and how food costs are rising, and we’re always looking for ways for our customers to save,” she said.

The Ultimate Rewards Programme has been designed as AML Foods’ alternative to rival Super Value’s Quality Food Stamps, as the former seeks to drive more long-term shoppers to its stores.

Ms Bastian said more than 8,000 shoppers had registered in the first three days. “It has been well received, and we’re happy about that,” she added. “We have actually announced that, for the first 2,000 customers signing up, we would have given them a $5 sign-up bonus, but because it was so well received and appreciated by our customers and we’ve now extended that to 4,000. So [the first] 4,000 customers that sign up will be getting a $5 bonus,” she added.

“We’re always trying to find ways to ensure that our customers have the best experience, but also to drive value. So we’re right there with our customers because we’re consumers as well, and we understand that rising costs are affecting everybody with inflation.”

Under the URP system, for every dollar a customer spends they receive one point. One hundred points are equivalent to a cashable dollar. Customers will be able to see their points balance with every receipt of purchase, which Ms Bastian says makes things “trackable”. She added: “We’re actually going to be introducing an app where you can actually have it on your phone and you will be able to track your points in real time.”

Customers can sign up at any Solomon’s Fresh Market location, with points also redeemable at any store. AML Foods plans to extend the URP promotion via a further ten phases that will involve introducing bonus points, plus points for customer birthdays and special life events.


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