Zero logic on electric vehicles

EDITOR, The Tribune.

So lowering the Duty and the costs to land electric vehicles was a priority in these times when Treasury needs all the money they can find?

Okay on the climate issue, but how many EWS would you need to in even the smallest manner improve the CO2 or emissions levels of Nassau?

So a EV RN will save you $10,000 plus in gas purchase. Government will loose $1.12 per every gallon saved so isn’t that a start of a loss of revenue? You dropped Duty on a $40,000 vehicle plus less VAT for what?

Sorry, there is zero logic in this. The stature of the person buying a EV can easily afford the old Duty plus the VAT-4-his weekly purchase of at least $40.00 of gas!

Why? Sip-sip Government leasing a lot of these electric vehicles so the lower cost to land the better the lease price is. In meantime Treasury loses out on this climate kick which is in our environment all politics as what we do has zero global effect - yes zero effect.



October 28, 2022.


AnObserver 4 weeks, 1 day ago

There is plenty of logic. It lets some rich people get even richer selling cheap cars that'll be nothing more than rust buckets with dead batteries in five years. Meanwhile they laugh all the way to the bank.

You have to be some special kind of stupid to buy a Chinese car. Around ten, maybe fifteen years ago someone was importing Chinese build pickup trucks, ever one of them rusted away to nothing in less than five years.


Proguing 4 weeks ago

I never understood the logic of lowering duty and the costs to land electric vehicles like Teslas. These are cars only the rich can afford. The Bahamian who imports a 10 years old Cube will pay more (in percentage) than the Lyford Cay millionaire who buys a Tesla. To add insult to injury the government was subsidizing the cost of electricity in the last months.

Also, as we burn bunker fuel to produce electricity there is no ecological argument for EVs in the Bahamas.


Bobsyeruncle 4 weeks ago

The days when expensive Teslas were the only EV option in town, are long gone. EV's are becoming more and more affordable, now that every car maker has a model.

Both the Chevy Bolt & Nissan Leaf, (which are both similar in size to the Cube), can be bought NEW for well under $30k. In a few years, a glut of these EV's will be flooding the second hand market, as Americans continue to replace their vehicles every 3-5 years, which is the norm.


Porcupine 4 weeks ago

I am beginning to understand why we have problems. Logic is taught in schools. Maybe not in The Bahamas, but some places.


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