We need a ‘New Day’ as to how we operate

EDITOR, The Tribune.

FTX crash brought me to think about our past and certainly suggest the theme adopted by the PLP in the last election is of significance and exceptional importance. Editor, we need a ‘New Day’ as to how we operate and give concessions - licences to unsavory parties.

Let's establish critically important economic negative practices that our past- we encouraged and participated in - pirating, gun running, ship wrecking, rum running during probation - drugs - human smuggling - that event in Exuma - FTX.

Said and ironically all of these eight-issues/practices actually all in their own way brought economic effects, but all were illegal or involved fraud.

What was the old saying ‘turn a new leaf’ - Editor FTX should, I suggest, cause Government that adopted successfully the theme ‘A New Day’ to practice what they used to the fullest, but we also have to earn praise not as we do every new project is the world’s best - internationally renowned, etc, etc. This evening on ZNS News one of the persons involved in the Six sense project, build out described the project as it will be if not the best world hotel, but close – sorry aren't true we have to earn those credentials and praise from our customers.

Prime Minister set a new course and a ‘New Day’ gone with our old sub-standard habits and raise the level of what we will allow to a level of excellence and fiscal credibility.

Might be slow to attract, but there are far more honest - credible investors than the opposite - we must get rid of the old and start anew with a ‘New Day of extreme excellence!’ It is a challenge but you might be surprised when you remove the stigma that anything goes in The Bahamas, they aren't serious.

Maybe FTX did actually do something positive - changed our old ways to something we really can be proud of. Let's hope.



November 14, 2022.


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