Security firms urge using alarm systems in homes and businesses



WITH a recent increase in armed robberies in the capital raising concerns, local security firms are urging people to get alarm systems in their homes and businesses.

The Tribune contacted a few local security firms for tips on how citizens and businesses can be protected.

An employee of Westech Security, who works in the alarm system department, advised people to purchase an alarm system as a method of protection.

“Although all systems are the same we do have different types, but basically all of them do the same thing. When you arm it up, you know, it sends a signal through the central station of the alarm companies, and then we make the necessary calls and so forth,” the worker said.

Additionally, getting a surveillance system was another method the worker suggested, noting that these types of systems could be used just about anywhere once the individual has internet access.

“You can have it programmed to be seen wherever you are.”

Westech Security advised people to be vigilant and to take the necessary precautions of protection.

When contacted, Caribbean Security Services suggested businesses have a panic button in place that will trigger a silent alarm to the central monitoring centre which would dispatch police to that area.

Leron Williams spoke on behalf of Glen Romer who is the president of Caribbean Security Services.

“Anyone should go ahead and make sure they have a panic feature on an alarm system inside their business establishment. They need to have CCTV and cameras. I always consider that to be a great marriage, both go together hand in hand. But if you don’t put in a CCTV system, you definitely want the alarm system because that allows you to have the panic feature where you can push the panic button then somebody would be alerted that there’s something going on,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Williams added that he thinks private consultation for most businesses is needed in the country, so that they can be aware of what is available on the market today.

He said based on today’s technology business owners can get security system apps on their phones which alerts those connected to the system that a robbery or something is in progress.

He also pointed out that advertisements being tinted on establishment’s windows can be dangerous because people are not able to see what’s happening from the outside of the building.

“Criminals use that to their advantage so there’s several things that store owners and business owners need to be consulted on,” he said.

As it relates to the concern of alarm systems not being affordable, local security firms told The Tribune that the systems are worth it especially if they can save someone’s life.


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