Exclusivity of wisdom

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Human beings are not all great thinkers. Don’t want to insult anyone, but think about it.

Building a house or community along river banks or waterways that will in time flood. Notice how many communities are located in flood plains? Also, notice how the community continues to live there knowing that disaster will cometh once again.

Watch people tie all sorts of things onto their vehicles’ roof believing that they will be able to travel safely with their load secure?

Leave high school incomplete only to regret it in your midlife.

The temperature outside is warming, the ice below you is thinning and yet you go ice fishing, often way out along the water flow with your new snowmobile.

You have a fire arm, a pistol. Thinking about hiding it, you place it in a shoe box under your bed. You have young children at home too.

You purchase a fixer up building, with every intention of fixing it over time, with a limited budget. Have to own something like the folks did before you. You did not spend the money on a forensic engineer, someone who could have told you the building is a death trap to your health and pocket book.

You were given the opportunity to experience higher learning. Your parents thought you’d learn useful things, but you chose to study seemingly useless subjects that interested you. Hey, it's not your money, right?

You're late for a date in an urban centre. The night club is just the other side of this city block. Maybe you should go through that darken alley down yonder. It may save you some time.

Bought a used motor bike. Your friends challenge you to do things you know are danger for you and others. You accept their challenge, bravely.

There are many people out there who are uneducated. Yes, I said it. There are uneducated people out there, often it is not their fault. They may not have had the opportunity. You do what you must, often for your family and yourself. While you may not be well educated, you can be extremely wise. Knowing what is right and wrong has always been something we learn as children and young folk. They call it common sense, astuteness, resourcefulness, levelheadedness, mother wit, enterprising or someone with horse sense. The Virtue of Wisdom is what we all need, something we need to acquire or strive for as we move along in our worldly journey. How do you acquire wisdom? We look to Aristotle for some points that matter. You must learn to contemplate. Don’t freak out, folks. That only means you need to learn how to think. Simply look, observe, contemplate and then act.

Always think before you do something. So many of our neighbours react without contemplating the question, situation, event they are living.

It is useless having knowledge, without applying that knowledge. Martin Luther King was a knowledgeable and wise man. Mr King became a legend, a name with power because he took a stand against inequality, racism and hatred. He acted upon his principles. Wisdom and knowledge have no worth unless they are acted upon. “If a good man sees evil, and walks away without stopping this evil, is he a good man? “It is the failure of good men, that allows evil to continue spreading in this world”. May have been said by Winston Churchill, but nonetheless its meaning says every person you know, every neighbour you have can be a Martin Luther King. Every one of them. All they need to do is see, observe, contemplate and then act upon your principles. Lift up your family, neighbours and others using something poor, wealthy, uneducated or different people have - the Power of WISDOM. Wisdom will help you survive and prosper on your life’s journey.




October 3, 2022.


birdiestrachan 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Pa pay attention to the animals cats and dogs they are amazing how very smart they are and a how foolish some human being are the bible mentions this fact we should all pray to God for wisdom


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