New Providence outages due to effects from Ian



PARTS of New Providence experienced power outages yesterday due to weather conditions brought on by Hurricane Ian.

This came two days after residents in western New Providence experienced similar issues as a result of severe lightning conditions Sunday night, leading into Monday morning.

Around 1pm yesterday, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) advised customers that its teams were working to restore power to a number of affected areas.

The affected areas included: Cumberbatch Avenue, Fox Hill Road South, Thatch Palm (Pinewood), Gladstone Road near Industrial Park, Firetrail, Gambier, Fernander Road, Devonshire, West Bay Street, Coral Harbour (Hopkins Drive and Ocean Drive), Marathon Mall, and the Pinedale Area.

BPL also added that teams were in the field addressing outages on site at Cumberbatch Avenue, Thatch Palm (Pinewood), Marathon Mall, Coral Harbour and Pinedale. However, an estimated restoration time was unavailable.

When asked why these particular areas experienced the power outages, a BPL representative said: “System control reports that these are weather related as we experience the outer bands of Hurricane Ian.”

Weather officials said the northwest Bahamas could encounter rainbands that could produce significant rainfall, gusty winds, thunderstorm activity and potential tornadic activity.


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