Prognosis is Denial? Agree or disagree?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Successive governments duly elected (sometimes I wonder how) exclaimed this land of ours was the best little country to every other claim of excellence and I wonder.

Daily headlines one-two murders - illegal this and that right under the noise conveniently seemingly not discovered until it can be tailored into a political incident, but ’til then business as usual - how can you have 200 presumed large homes built in Abaco post Dorian and not a soul saw them - how? How can you have squatters, not a few, but numerous and it is a likelihood if you look well enough you will find more and more, but officials never see them.

Finances - here totally amazing we are told our loyal foreign buyer of our US Dollar Bonds are not worried, but since election 2021 their value has decreased by 50%. I can't believe that they are not worried and will presumably buy again.

Everything thought about just announced no plans as yet is the best and already world famous - don't lie, but that's true.

Is it inferiority - insecurity or simply refusal to accept the honest to God truth?

Did that excellent Tourism slogan It's Better' - you know the rest - psyche us out and we think we don't have to be competitive, we don't have to excel, we can dish up anything and the visitor idiot will buy - is it?

Education billions spent and look? Oh, yes, Rhodes scholars Drs of this and that MBA's by the drayload, but average joe blow Bahamian right out of school what can he do and what is he/she qualified to do? Check with FIR's they will tell you the real story - not nice, again in denial.

Raw hard truth, facts mean nothing seemingly again denial of the truth.

General Orders breached every minute and no one cares, Ministers stand at Ministry assemblies and give congratulatory remarks they are the best - not accept the truth, again denial.

Hundreds of places of worship - 50 per cent, if that, attend any of them and we say We Christian - bend the obvious. I suggest again denial refusing to accept the truth.



September 28, 2022.


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