Ministry seeking to repair 1,000 homes

STATE Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming speaking yesterday as Charron Penn, project manager and strategic advisor Arthur Johnson look on. Photo: Austin Fernander

STATE Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming speaking yesterday as Charron Penn, project manager and strategic advisor Arthur Johnson look on. Photo: Austin Fernander


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THE Social Services and Urban Development Ministry is seeking to help repair some 1,000 homes over the next several months through its small home repair initiative, State Minister Lisa Rahming announced yesterday.

“These 1,000 homes will take us from New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and we’re seeking to do all the family of islands who are turning in their applications and seeking help,” Ms Rahming said during a press conference at the Office of The Prime Minister yesterday.

“There are many families who, through no fault of their own, need a helping hand. People are definitely trying their hardest to stay afloat, but can’t even save enough money to make the necessary repairs to their homes, which we have seen in travelling from home to home, neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

“Through the small home repair programme, those repairs will be made and they have been made. We hope that they will enjoy some peace of mind as the financial and emotional strain of making these repairs is lifted. It is our goal to provide Bahamians with safer, more secure homes and certainly to improve their living conditions.”

The ministry’s small home repair programme was re-launched in early May in response to hundreds of homeowners who are hurting and in need of home restoration.

Nearly 200 homes have received repairs since the programme’s launch, according to Ms Rahming.

“That’s New Providence, Grand Bahama and the other family of islands we’ve completed. However, we had 550 contractors (who) submitted documents and over 800 homes have applied,” she added.

“However, because the weather is upon us, we have seen and we’ve heard persons calling in, whether it’s by way of talk show, whether it’s through the Urban Renewal or whether it’s just being frustrated, we understand and they’re saying that their applications have been in and their house has not been done yet but we want them to know, our resources are limited, but we are doing absolutely the best that we can.”

She also revealed that vulnerable groups like the elderly, disabled and single parent community will be given top priority for assistance.

“We have certainly established internal mechanisms to prevent potential abuse and misuse of resources and to ensure equal access for all eligible applicants,” Ms Rahming continued, “and I can say that only persons who genuinely require help will benefit and help will be delivered based on need rather than connections.”

According to the state minister, some $3m has been earmarked for the initiative and $1.2m has already been spent so far.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply at one of Urban Renewal’s offices or can call the ministry’s hotline: 502- 4461.


hrysippus 2 months ago

And I am seeking to win the Florida Lottery, if wishes were BMW Series7 then Beggars would be rolling in style.


DonAnthony 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Looks like another slush fund to dole out contracts to friends and win votes. Why is it the government’s responsibility to fix private homes?


bobby2 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Everyone does realize, when the ruling Gov't spends money on whatever to make themselves look good, it is your money they are spending!


sheeprunner12 1 month, 4 weeks ago

No oversight in Parliament. God knows how much money is just pissed away to these PLP cronies.


tribanon 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Talk about the corrupt Davis-led PLP administration robbing the taxpaying Peters to give vote-buying handouts to the Pauls who for the most part are dumbed-down lazy slouchers and slackers created by the government's very own failed social and economic policies.


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