Deangelo Evans: Alleged gun 'not on scene by time CSI arrived'


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AN officer testified that the gun police allege Deangelo Evans had at the time of his shooting death was not on the scene by the time Crime Scene Investigators arrived.

Detective Constable Austin Bowles, a CSI officer, once again testified about his part in investigating the police-involved shooting of Deangelo Evans on Sandy Lane on May 27, 2018.

Reading from the report written by his partner, DC Neil Munroe, who was unable to attend court, DC Bowles said that when the pair investigated the scene they recovered 14 9mm bullet casings and one fired bullet.

He said the 40mm pistol police allege the deceased had was not collected by the CSI officers at the time and was said to have been in the custody of now Inspector Trevor McKenzie.

While at the scene, the CSI officers observed blood near the utility pole in front of #13 Sandy Lane where Evans was shot.

Later that day, DC Munroe alone went to Princess Margaret Hospital and received from Nurse Douglas a bullet retrieved from the victim’s body.

By 1.30pm on the day of the incident, the officers entered a request for the bullets to be analysed.

Both the bullets and the request for an analysis form were shown in court and entered into evidence.

During cross-examination by Ryzard Humes, who represents the estate of the deceased, DC Bowles noted that there was no mention of the Springfield Armoury Auto loaded 40mm pistol that was said to have been found near the hand of the deceased.

When asked if he spoke to officer McKinney at the scene, DC Bowles said he had no interaction with him on that day. The officer also said that neither he nor DC Munroe spoke with the investigating officer, ASP Anthony McCartney, that day and only learned of his involvement later on.

While Mr Humes suggested that it was irregular for CSI officers not to interact with an investigating officer at a crime scene, DC Bowles disagreed.

After the officer agreed that it was the CSI's responsibility to collect evidence at a crime scene, Mr Humes questioned why the officer did not collect the gun found near Evans’s body.

The officer explained that due to the circumstances with superiors at the scene, he did not interact with the firearm and that he cannot explain why he had no involvement with it.

“I cannot give an explanation to that because I had no involvement with it,” DC Bowles said.

DC Bowles also confirmed that neither of the CSI officers went to the armed robbery site which police allege Evans was a suspect in.

The officer agreed with Romona Farquharson, who also represents the deceased’s estate, that it was the CSI’s job to preserve evidence at the scene.

Following objections from attorneys Farquharson and Humes to forensic pathologist Dr Carryn Sands’ autopsy report being read into evidence without a medical expert present, the matter was adjourned until the end of the month.

This delay upset several members of the deceased’s family who were present in the court.

Inspector McKinney, who was unable to attend court, is expected to testify when the inquest resumes.

K Melvern Rolle represents the two officers in the case, Corporal Wright and Inspector Wilson.

Patrick Sweeting is marshalling the evidence.

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