Concerned over holiday season safety

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Guess I should be saying Season’s Greetings with just short of a month to go, before that big day Christmas, followed by the residual other holidays, a good rest time for some of the country’s essential staffers, well deserved, I think.

I am substantially more concerned though about the safety of the citizenry of The Bahamas, and how easy it is for them to become targets, ending victims of thieves, one of those aches, a pain in the pocketbooks of decent Bahamians being imperiled by the worst amongst us, who either refuse to work, or find it easier to await the unsuspecting and proceed to relieve them of the proceeds of hard earned hours of work, all gone in a blink of an eye. Is that right?

We don’t think so and implore the Powers That Be, to move with haste, to redirect funds to this urgent caption requested of the governing party, so that in some meaningful way, it would help to ward off most, if not all of the crimes of theft that can likely take place this holiday season.

In conclusion, it is my hope very early in the new year 2024, if Father God delay His Coming, that the authorities find a way to introduce the national service, even if only in the more troubled areas and the national crime index does highlight where they are, so that normalcy may return to the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas, which used be a crime free country - up until guns and ammunition were introduced.

It is my hope that in 2024, those Bahamians who have found it easier to wreak havoc on fellow citizens, and cause mayhem, defaming the good name of our country, will try to turn over a new leaf, ceasing in their criminal ways.



November 29, 2023.


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