FNM’s downfall by Pintard

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Free National Movement (FNM), once a symbol of political strength and progress in the Bahamas, now languishes under the lackluster leadership of Michael Pintard. This period in the party’s history will likely be remembered as a time of missed opportunities, strategic blunders, and a glaring disconnect from the Bahamian electorate.

The recent by-election was more than a defeat; it was a resounding repudiation of the FNM’s relevance and resonance with the people of the Bahamas. This loss, in a constituency where success should have been well within reach, starkly highlights the party’s descent into political oblivion. The results were not just an indictment of their campaign strategy but a clear signal of the electorate’s growing disillusionment with a party that has lost its way.

Central to this decline is Michael Pintard’s leadership, or rather, the lack thereof. Pintard, who ought to have been a unifying and visionary figure, has, in my opinion, proven to be anything but. His tenure is marked by a conspicuous absence of any inspiring vision or coherent strategy, leaving the party rudderless and the electorate disenchanted. In a political landscape that demands dynamism and foresight, Pintard’s leadership is woefully inadequate, characterized by indecision, a lack of direction, and an inability to galvanize support.

The ‘Minnis factor’ only adds to the FNM’s woes. The shadow of former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis looms large over Pintard’s leadership, creating a schism within the party that further undermines its unity and effectiveness. This internal power struggle is a distraction from the party’s core objectives and a testament to the current leadership’s inability to consolidate control and command respect within its own ranks.

Adding insult to injury is the FNM’s apparent crisis of accountability. Under Pintard’s leadership, there seems to be a refusal to confront the harsh realities of their political failings. This denialism is not just a leadership failure; it is an abdication of the responsibility to learn from past mistakes and adapt. The party’s refusal to acknowledge and critically address its shortcomings is a stark departure from the accountability that once defined its leadership.

Pintard’s approach towards the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has been equally baffling. His perceived leniency and lack of assertive opposition are not just strategic missteps; they are betrayals of the party’s foundational principles of robust and principled opposition. This approach alienates the FNM’s base and emboldens a government that should be held to account.

The contrast between the FNM’s storied past and its present state under Pintard is not just disappointing; it is a tragic squandering of the party’s legacy. The current leadership has steered the party away from its historical ethos of transformation and effective governance, plunging it into a state of irrelevance and ineffectiveness.

In conclusion, the FNM’s current trajectory under Michael Pintard is a case study in how not to lead a political party. The party’s failure to adapt, its internal divisions, and a leadership devoid of vision and accountability, have collectively orchestrated its downfall. Without immediate and radical changes in leadership and strategy, the FNM risks becoming a footnote in the annals of Bahamian political history, a stark reminder of the consequences of political complacency and misdirection.



November 29, 2023.


themessenger 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Reluctantly I have to agree with you. The question begs who could emerge as a leader who can energize and revitalize the party? At the moment the choice is the lesser of two weevils, Pintard or Minnis neither of whom resonate with the electorate. The quality of the candidates offering for office these days, as evidenced in the bye election, leaves much to be desired all of them carrying baggage.


sheeprunner12 4 months, 2 weeks ago

The number one issue is whether the Pintard & Sands team are compromised in being able to attack the New Day PLP without fear of having skeletons in the their closet revealed that will render the FNM powerless to defeat the PLP in 2026.

If that question cannot be answered in the positive, then the FNM has to find NEW leadership at the next Convention (2024).


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