Ministry of Energy and Transport says BPL responded ‘swiftly’ after criticism from Cartwright on Acklins and Eleuthera power outages

FREE National Movement deputy leader Shanendon Cartwright.

FREE National Movement deputy leader Shanendon Cartwright.


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FREE National Movement deputy leader Shanendon Cartwright ripped the government’s “unreliable” electricity and water supply to Eleuthera and Acklins yesterday, drawing a response from the Ministry of Energy and Transport, which said electricity issues have been quickly addressed.

Mr Cartwright accused the Davis administration of being silent while residents sometimes go “as long as six hours” without electricity, “uprooting daily lives and forcing the closure of businesses”.

“Some residents of South Acklins had to endure five excruciating days in the dark,” he said in a statement. “The government’s inability to ensure consistent power generation on Acklins and Eleuthera is of major national concern, particularly as government decisions and policy have led to a 163 per cent increase in electricity bills nationwide.”

“To date, there has been no communication by the government outlining a strategy or plan to address these consistent outages and water shortages on Eleuthera and Acklins.”

The Ministry of Energy and Transport said in response that Bahamas Power and Light quickly addressed and fixed challenges on both islands.

“For instance, in Harbour Island, Eleuthera, the supply interruptions from generation challenges were due to damaged rental units affected by contaminated fuel,” the ministry said.

“Immediate action was taken, including bringing in the rental units’ manufacturer for repairs and engaging in discussions with the fuel supplier to prevent future occurrences. Additionally, BPL is close to installing 5MW of owned assets in Harbour Island, which is part of a more comprehensive plan for a long-term energy solution.

“In Salina Point, Acklins, after the existing unit sustained major damage, a new unit was promptly procured, and the government expedited its transport with the help of the assistance of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. This swift action demonstrates our commitment to resolving these issues as quickly as possible.”

The ministry said it is committed to keeping Eleuthera and Acklins’ residents informed about strategies and developments.


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