Man accused of raping a woman during home invasion denied bail


Tribune Court Reporter


A MAN was remanded yesterday accused of the rape of a woman during a home invasion last month.

Kumar Lloyd, 28, faced Magistrate Samuel McKinney on charges of rape, burglary and two counts of armed robbery.

One of Lloyd’s co-accused, Dennis Ingraham, was arraigned for his alleged involvement in this incident late last month.

According to police reports, it is alleged that around 5am on January 8 three men armed with handguns broke into a married couple’s residence on Marshall Road. While there, it is said the suspects tied up the couple as well as their visiting relatives and stole a variety of items.

These include $3 cash, a $250 Samsung cell phone, a $2,500 silver wedding band, two ATM cards, a $600 Movado watch, sunglasses and a black Kindle tablet.

It is during this home invasion that Lloyd is accused of raping the female homeowner before they all fled the scene.

Due to the severity of the offence, Lloyd was not required to enter a plea in court. The accused was informed that his matter would proceed to the Supreme Court by a voluntary bill of indictment (VBI).

The accused was further told that as the magistrate lacked the jurisdiction to grant bail he had the right to apply for it through the higher court.

Lloyd will be served his VBI on March 13.

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