Two hit-and-runs and a suspicious death


Tribune Staff Reporter


A SWIMMER died after he was hit by a jet ski driver on Saturday.

Police said the 49-year-old victim was swimming near the shoreline at a beach on Paradise Island when he was struck by a man operating a jet ski. The victim suffered serious head trauma and later died.

The suspect fled the scene, however, police are said to be following significant leads.

Meanwhile, an Abaco pedestrian died after a hit-and-run on Friday.

Shortly after 11pm in Marsh Harbour, the pedestrian was in the area of Candyman Bar and Restaurant when he was hit by a dark Nissan Note, which fled the scene.

Paramedics visited the scene and found no vital signs of life.

Police have not released the identity of either victim. However, a loved one of the Abaco victims expressed outrage about his death on Facebook.

“Wow, wow, my grandson father was knock down and kill last night and the driver didn’t even stop. Reds was an awesome father, a loving and kind person to all [who] know him. These are some dangerous people living amongst us and I know that someone see and know who it is but they will say nothing but God knows and sees it all (sic),” the person wrote.

Police also reported a suspicious death of a Bimini man.

The deceased was found in waters near Alice Town, Bimini, shortly after 7am on Friday.

Police said a visitor on board a vessel docked near Bimini Bay discovered the man’s body partially submerged in the water and alerted officers.

The man’s lifeless body was retrieved from the water and taken to a local clinic where a medical officer pronounced him dead.

The body will be flown to New Providence for an autopsy to determine an official cause of death.


AnObserver 3 months ago

All of those criminal jet-ski operators on PI need to be shut down. It is common knowledge they are there primarily to sell drugs on the beach all day. Just take a look at tourist-centric Facebook groups.

Every day when they wrap up they fly around PI at wide open throttle within a few feet of the beach and the reefs where swimmers are present, without a care in the world. It is a violation of Bahamian law to operate a watercraft that close to shore. The police have had literally decades to place an officer on the beach and record registration numbers as the watercraft pass by, and revoke their license. But of course as with everything else in this country, there is no actual enforcement of any laws.


truetruebahamian 3 months ago

There is also a high incidence of tourist females being taken away and raped by some of these jet ski operators.


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