What is on your bucket list for 2023?


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THE calendar for 2023 is wide open for most people who are anticipating what the new year will bring. Others though, are all for curating experiences and having a blast while doing it.

Tribune Woman took an opportunity to speak with readers who said that while they do not have any new year resolutions per se, there are several things are on their bucket list for this year.

Antonia said she has done way with New Year’s resolutions for some time now.

“I never ever accomplish any of it. What’s really the purpose if you are not getting anything accomplished.”

“The difference, in my opinion, is that a bucket list is generally more positive and achievable. The New Year’s resolution carries a more negative connotation of things you want to give up or stop doing, but doesn’t always come with a plan to help you achieve that goal,” she said.

As for Antonia, there is a laundry list of things on her bucket list, however for the first quarter of this year she will focus on checking one thing off at a time.

“My fitness has always been important to me. This year I am looking to challenge myself in this area. I want to run a marathon this year.

Fortunately for Antonia she will be moving on her bucket list item once she has secured her spot in an upcoming marathon next month.

“Then I will be onto another bucket list item. At least at the end of the year I will be able to say, I challenged myself by doing something I have never done before.”

Beauty is on Katrina’s mind and not being able to apply her own make-up when it is time to go out has been frustrating. On her bucket list this year is taking a basic make up artistry class.

“I really want to learn the basics of makeup. Every occasion I have, I book a makeup artist. That runs me into at least $60 a time,” she said.

By investing in a make-up artistry course, Katrina said she could save money.

“If I take that money, I spend on getting my makeup done every-time, I can invest in learning. I always envy people who have the skill to do their makeup like a professional.”

This bucket list is not all talk either, as Katrina has already been searching for the best make-up course to suit her needs.

Hosting a workshop and monetising her skills is on the bucket list for Raquel, who wears many hats.

“I am a stylist and a crafter. I also bake but not for gain. I have a lot that can I offer,” she told Tribune Woman.

“This past year I struggled with getting clarity on how to approach my ideas. But now since financial growth is a big thing for me, I am finding ways to monetise my skills.

The first thing I want to do is host a baking workshop. I have a passion for baking. This is something I am planning for.”

Dede wants to volunteer for a worthy cause this year.

“It’s unfortunate my philanthropy spirit kicked in later in my life. I’m in my late 40s. How ironic is that now that I am older, I want to be up and down giving back. I think I should have done this when I was more vigorous. But I guess later is always greater.”

She hopes to do volunteer work with a local organisation.

“I have been doing my research and I think I have towards the cause of HIV/AIDS. So, I want to give back my time to that cause,” she said.

As for Nelly, on her bucket list is travelling much more, but to places very far on the map.

“I’m thinking Australia or Thailand,” she said.


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