Warning on crime

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I had written several Letters to the Editor in 2022 in The Tribune newspaper giving great recommendations and suggestions to deter gangs, reduce guns and prevent crime in the Bahamas.

Prime Minister Philip Davis, Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe and the new Police Commissioner implemented two of my suggestions and recommended Police Gang Task Force and Police Gun Task Force in 2022. As I do have more ideas, visions and plans that can immediately reduce and prevent crime in The Bahamas.

In 2023 if the government does not reduce crime - murders and robberies - also if in any event an American tourist is rob or murdered, the United States Department will definitely issue a travel advisory to American tourists warning that it is unsafe because of high crimes, robbery and murders as just happened last month in December 2022 when Jamaica got issued an advisory that it is unsafe to travel to Jamaica – this will now severely cripple their economy.

Which when it does happen to The Bahamas will destroy the Bahamas economy resulting in the devaluation of the Bahamian dollar and causing many hotel owners to lay off thousands of Bahamian workers.

Wishing the Bahamas Government, Bahamian people and The Bahamas a happy new year 2023, one nation, one people, one Bahamas, one God, onward upward and forward to a better Bahamas.



January 2023


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