Girlfriend of murder victim ‘broken’

JOHN Joseph with Alexes Denoye.

JOHN Joseph with Alexes Denoye.



THE girlfriend of a 24-year-old man who was killed in Abaco on Monday said she is “broken”, adding the victim was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Alexes Denoye told The Tribune yesterday that John Joseph had a bright future ahead of him.

According to police, Joseph was shot around 6.30pm when he arrived at a home in Bahama Coral. He was approached by a gunman who shot him multiple times.

The suspect then fled the area in a black Japanese vehicle.

Paramedics responded and pronounced Joseph dead at the scene.

Ms Denoye described her boyfriend as a “family man” who had a heart of gold.

She said she was told the deceased was dropping a friend home the night he was killed.

“And I always told him that his heart is way too big. So, I said, look at it like the wrong place wrong time.”

She pointed out that life for the victim wasn’t easy due to struggles they both faced because of their Haitian background.

 “We grew up in a shanty town, well we grew up in separate shanty towns. And we didn’t let that get the best of us. We said at the end of the day we’re going to come out of this situation, which we did.”

 Ms Denoye lost her mother a few years ago and is now grappling with another tragedy.

 “My mom was the biggest chunk that left me. Now I am burying a loved one. This was always one of my biggest fears.

 “That was the person who I woke up to and laughed (with). And now that we’re not going to have any more karaoke in the car. I’m not going to hear that contagious laugh anymore,” she said, holding back tears.

 She described Joseph as the love of her life and said they often spoke about having a family.

 During their five years of dating Ms Denoye said the victim had successfully become a boat captain, adding they had shared hard times together in the past.

 “He would actually buy a plate of food and we’ll break it in half. And he would say ‘you know what we don’t have enough cash so we’re going to split this.’”

 She still hasn’t come to terms with his death.

 “I feel like he’s definitely on one of those trips that he actually usually takes on the boat. It still feels like a dream like someone could pinch me,” she said.


mandela 8 months, 1 week ago

We have become a country of killers, and because we have so many illiterate young people floating around aimlessly today, especially our young men who should be in their best years of becoming productive citizens not being able to conversate, they then quickly turn to kill. Why? because they are too illiterate to have a conversation and resolve any conflict between them and anyone else. These young men today if you say "boo" to them, their response would be to immediately run for their guns to kill, give them a newspaper and ask them to read an article out of it and you will see for yourself. As the saying goes "when you're dumb you're dangerous, and that's a fact.


John 8 months, 1 week ago

Your argument that the young men who are killing are illiterate is very erroneous. If they have the ability to access an illegal weapon, plan, hunt down and kill their perceived target, they are not illiterate. Beyond that. The problem is many young men have become programmed killing machines. Started under the Clinton administration or before. When Hillary did experiments on Black prisoners. Once they got ‘coded’ they will have to go out and kill. The X Box and Play Station may seem harmless toys but they are the programming mechanisms of the devil. Children ( and adults) spend hours upon hours a day playing games where they are mostly killing people or committing crimes. This behavior is channeled and so it almost becomes normal for young men to go out and kill without remorse or emotions. Our government, in ignorance mostly, teamed up with the US almost four decades ago and declared the young men of this country ‘enemies of the state.’ Notice each year even more higher profile persons are being gunned down. The horses are running, wat you gone do?


birdiestrachan 8 months, 1 week ago

Sorry for her loss it must be difficult to deal with


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