PROBE INTO DEATH OF MOM-OF-3: Father in tears as claims made of hospital negligence

Jerad Darville, right, in tears as he addressed the media on Friday following the death of his wife, Kenise Darville, left.

Jerad Darville, right, in tears as he addressed the media on Friday following the death of his wife, Kenise Darville, left.



AN investigation has been launched into the death of Kenise Darville, a mother-of-three who died days after posting a heart wrenching video on Facebook about the alleged negligence and poor healthcare she experienced at Princess Margaret Hospital.

The video has gone viral, amassing nearly 200,000 views up to press time. Her mourning family is now demanding answers surrounding the circumstances of her death and has called for changes in the public healthcare system.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville on Friday said that an investigation was underway.

“I was familiar with the case,” he told The Tribune. “I’ve seen the posting on social media, and instructed the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Public Hospitals Authority to do an immediate investigation into the allegations. I’m certain that is already being done. And in short order, the PHA and Princess Margaret Hospital will be issuing a statement once all the factual information has been obtained.”


THE FAMILY of Kenise Darville speaking on Friday. Photo: Austin Fernander

Dr Darville told reporters he had seen the viral video, where the distraught mother of three lambasted PMH’s quality of healthcare.

He explained in any case of there being a possibility of alleged malpractice or mismanagement, an investigation must be done.

He continued: “Any case that there is an issue of the possibility of mismanagement, an investigation must go into that particular case to see if there’s any elements of malpractice. And in order for us to be able to ensure that we constantly improve the delivery of quality health care, every case that has this type of flavour must be investigated fully.

“And lessons must be learned. And so this investigation will go deep into the circumstances surrounding Mrs Darville’s death and a determination will be made whether or not any protocols were missed.”

On January 11, Mrs Darville went live on Facebook, detailing her experience in the hospital. As tears streamed down her face, she said “PMH (is) doing a whole lot of foolishness and I feel like this story just needs to get out.”

She claimed that doctors waited several days after she was admitted to inform her that she needed to make an urgent plea to friends and family for blood donations.

The mother died on January 19 just after being admitted only two weeks prior.

She was admitted to PMH on January 2, due to unbearable pain she suffered in her lower back. She also grappled with the emotional toll of burying her mother a few days prior.

During admission, Mrs Darville said she was placed in an isolation room and doctors did bloodwork on her.

She said it was revealed that her blood platelets were at 20,000 which is considered very low, since platelets are needed for blood to clot and to prevent bleeding.

The average blood platelets count should be at 150,000 to 450,000, which highlighted the entrepreneur’s urgent need for platelets.

In the video, Mrs Darville added that she was allegedly told that blood platelets would be ordered to aid in her treatment. She claimed she was told about a week later that the blood platelets were never ordered by healthcare staff.

“They come to me today (January 11) and going to tell me so casually that ‘oh Ms Symonette (her maiden name) now your platelets count is not a 20 it’s now at a seven. Which means that you are in urgent need of platelets. And you should get some people to come out and donate blood,’” she said.

Wiping away tears, Mrs Darville explained doctors had at least eight days prior to advise her to make a plea for blood donations but instead waited until her blood count dropped even lower.

While she cried out on the video, a nurse came to her room. She explained to the nurse her grievances as she said something needs to be done.


Jerad Darville speaking on Friday.

“Sometimes people just gotta go down for a cause and this is a cause I’m ready to go down for, “ Mrs Darville said emotionally.

Although she posted the video on January 11, it quickly began amassing more views on Thursday after her death, prompting outrage.

Her family held a press conference on Friday and said they are seeking answers and justice over her death.

Jerad Darville, her husband, also called out for changes to be made in the healthcare system following his wife’s death. He stressed on his wife’s death bed she was asked to find blood.

“You should never have to be dying and trying to find blood,” the emotional father said. “You should never have to be dying and have to make a decision that should I catch a 21 A or jump on Facebook because if I go on Facebook they going victimise me.”

When asked if the family planned to take legal action, Mr Darville responded : “Legal action don’t fix the system, right. We have to fix the system for people.”

He also thanked those who donated blood to his wife after a flyer was posted that she needed medical assistance. He also urged people to continue to donate blood to aid in the public blood bank.


M0J0 10 months, 1 week ago

If they are wrong charge them, if they are not apologize and make this cause a cause to bring change and awareness to the sickness she faced. A life lost is never something to take lightly.


KapunkleUp 10 months, 1 week ago

PMH, just like other government entities, are not held accountable. This is not the first time someone has died surrounded by negligence allegations.


Baha10 10 months, 1 week ago

There are many Health “supposed” Professionals (including Doctors) in this Country who should not be practicing, but in the absence of proper oversight accountability, they get away with literally manslaughter, if not outright murder!


GodSpeed 10 months, 1 week ago

Why didn't anyone simply tell her to start asking for blood donations as soon as she got into the hospital, seeing as she had a rare blood type...it's little things like that which show if people care or not.


ThisIsOurs 10 months, 1 week ago

I think the need for blood was the result of a health challenge left unaddressed that turned into a crisis. I dont think the full story is about the need for blood. Listening to the husband there's a long list of places where they failed her BEFORE blood became an issue. Did the doctor really say after her social media post, he'd write her a discharge note before he'd write her a referral to a US hospital? Who are these heartless people mascarading as caregivers like another one said some months ago he'd let every unvaccinated patient die


bahamianson 10 months, 1 week ago

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family, sir. I stand with you.


ThisIsOurs 10 months, 1 week ago

This is unimaginable. In recent years Ive lost elderly relatives and years later I am still wondering why they had to leave so soon. To lose someone you were lucky enough to find then fall in love with and just started a life with... I cant comprehend it. I dont want to comprehend it.

A week ago I posted this:

This is a very interesting story reported on cnn.com. It sounds so familiar

By Tara Subramaniam and Vedika Sud, CNN Published 6:47 PM EST, Fri January 13, 2023 CNN — .For YEARS, residents in the northern Indian city of Joshimath have complained to local officials that their homes are sinking. Now authorities are being forced to take action, evacuating nearly 100 families in the last week and expediting the arrival of experts to DETERMINE the cause.

Cracks running through the city are now so wide that hundreds of homes are no longer habitable, and some fear that India could lose a key gateway to religious pilgrimages and tourist expeditions on nearby mountain trails.*

Kwatra added that the natural factors which put Joshimath, home to around 25,000 people, at risk of sinking are “being exacerbated by large scale construction projects as well as climate induced flash floods and extreme rainfall.”

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami visited the affected areas LAST SATURDAY inspecting the homes of residents who fear the structures may collapse.""-cnn.com

This is what we do with everything. Ignore it, scurry around when the problem becomes too big to ignore then some official shows up with cameras and a large entourage to walk around to see for themselves.. as if that does anything. The next update I expect to hear is the city gone and the officials have arrived with remediation equipment

I'll try to think of a solution for an automated repost so I can click a button as every unaddressed decades long problem boils over again and again


ted4bz 10 months, 1 week ago

All of this is complicated. What is happening is not really a local one, but rather an “intended” US-WEF global program (Russia and China and friends no longer going along). So, if you are unvExx stay away from the healthcare, unless you are willing to become a living sacrifice to the industrial financial portfolio. Otherwise, you will be ignored because of you are a liability to state and profit of the industry, so they do not care. If you are vExxed, they care. That is because your current or future health status is a great benefit to the jobs in the profession, and to pharmaceutical industry profits, either from your direct income, or through the state. The turbulences and irregularities going on in health care locally is going on in healthcare in all WEF controlled nations and there is nothing local authorities can do about it, But you can, STAY AWAY…


SP 10 months, 1 week ago

50 years of "majority rule" brought us to where we now find ourselves.

The failed healthcare system, immigration crises, the highest crime rate in the world, massive unemployment, the highest cost of living in the region, unbridled serious corruption, etc, etc.

"March On Bahama Land" My Ass!


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