Money, money, money

EDITOR, The Tribune.

As a former Love Beach owner, I read with much sadness the articles about the wanted Passion Point development.

I do understand, agree and know that business is “a must”. But, if in the future there are only big, high buildings all over the island, tourist business could drop, and you will no longer hear “it is better in The Bahamas”.

It is mentioned that a drop of 20ft from the road towards the sea will allow people to drive on West Bay Street (always too fast!) “ONLY see 5 storey buildings!!!” Which is not accurate if you count in the storeys of garages and take into consideration the elevation where Building B is planned.

And nobody seems to care about people enjoying the beach and the beautiful sea!

I would hope that only the constructions of bungalows should be accepted by the Town Planning Committee.

All my thoughts go to the neighbours.

Anonymous former Love Beach lover


January 25, 2023


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