Lack of speed signs in kmh

EDITOR, The Tribune.

If you drive around the island of New Providence, you will note that there is a very high percentage of right-hand Japanese vehicles on our roads. However, most of us know that the speedometer is in kmh (kilometer per hour) and not mph (miles per hour). How many of us know that 1kmh is equal to 0.62mph.

It’s obvious that our Road Traffic Department and our Traffic Police are not aware of this either, or else we would have dual speed signs with mph at the bottom and kmh at the top, like is done in Jamaica. So, 25mph converts to 40kmh, and 45mph converts to 72kmh. If we were serious about road safety and keeping the driving motorist safe, we need to start erecting these signs ASAP!

It’s unfortunate that we continue to have no standards in our Bahama land when it comes to common sense solutions to keep our motorists and citizenry safe. After more than 30 years of importing these right hand drive Japanese vehicles, we have no standards in terms of km/h traffic signage. And secondly, the requirement for the motoring public to install mph speedometer overlay decals for conversion from kmh to mph. I am sure this last suggestion would be harder to implement, so new km/h road signage is a much easier fix for this problem. Nassau,



February 22, 2023


truetruebahamian 3 months, 1 week ago

Let the confused become even more so.


Flyingfish 3 months ago

This article is hitting the nail. We're so accustomed to borrowing that we don't establish any consistent standard that we will abide by ourselves.


ScubaSteve 3 months ago

This might be the BEST letter/editorial I've read in a long, long, long time! It is simply mind-blowing the lack of common sense in our leaders. Clearly, as mentioned in the letter, there has been an issue with this for over 30 yrs. Fortunately, there is an EASY solution and one that has already been implemented in Jamaica.


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