Residents complain about illegal dumping on the side of the road


RESIDENTS in Englerston are complaining that a property in the neighbourhood is being used as a dumping ground for yard and construction debris, and recently the dumping has even partially blocked the sidewalk.



RESIDENTS of Englerston are complaining about debris left on the roadside and in a neighbouring abandoned property.

One resident, Craig Forbes, spoke to The Tribune and said that people hired to provide routine yard maintenance and undertake construction projects in his neighbourhood have become accustomed to dumping the trash in an abandoned property or on the roadside.

He said: “There is property that the owner passed and it hasn’t been sold as yet. Anytime they clean anybody’s yard they dump all the garbage on this property. Now it looks like one of those junk yards you see on TV.”

He added: “My neighbour hired someone to knock down her wall, that’s fine and good, but now they knocked the wall down and dumped all the garbage on the government sidewalk. Persons trying to get in the primary school can hardly park because of the trash over the government side walk.”

Mr Forbes is convinced the government should step in and order a clean up of the area and hold persons accountable for littering.

He said: “That’s wrong what they are doing. We need the government to step up and deal with them. Its become a safety hazard, an environmental hazard and its lowering our property value.”

Mr Forbes says he has already spoken to his MP Mrs Glenys Hanna Martin about the issue and last week lodged another complaint with the police.

He said: “My MP for Englerston, Hanna Martin, I already made her aware of this. I went to the police station and spoke to some officers about this as well - that was last week.”

No update from officials had been received at the time of going to press.


mandela 2 months, 2 weeks ago

The nasty workers should be charged before the courts.


bahamianson 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Wait, what? All of New Providence is a dump. It is a large part of our culture. When you say Junkanoo, say garbage everywhere. We need a national day of 50%off on paint. No one paints their house because the paint is too expensive.


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