Restoring lighthouse to its glory

EDITOR, The Tribune

I am writing to you for your written support. The Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd. seeks to fully restore the Paradise “Hog” Island Light Station to its full 1817 glory; at no charge to the public, while the land and structure will remain the property of the Bahamian people.

The restoration, operation and maintenance of the project will be sustainably funded with a revenue stream from the Lighthouse’s historical and cultural experience and the Beach Club. Our target market is local and international historical and cultural tourism. This shall be a low impact, sustainable venture that already has the full written support of all the largest Bahamian environmental groups, reputable Bahamian funding and has to be “best for The Bahamas and Bahamians “at large to offer a world class destination”: something the proximity of Nassau desperately needs.

Bahamians are crying out for greater beach access, greater Crown Land access, employment and ownership opportunity and our project brings successful solutions to all of the above. This is the last remaining Crown Land on Paradise Island and most Bahamians haven’t even laid their eyes on it: we want to welcome and embrace the local market.

All investors and shareholders are Bahamian and there is no foreign ownership. We seek to keep the imported tourist and local dollars within The Bahamas and circulating, many times, throughout our economy: with solely Bahamian wholesalers, retailers, farmers, banks, investment firms, beverage producers, etc.

We have worked very hard, tirelessly, relentlessly, asking, begging, pleading and taking the government to court simply to bring this all Bahamian project to fruition. How far must we go? How long must we wait?

We have had to take the government to court simply to protect our many hundreds of thousands of dollars already invested.

Since 2012, we have worked this as a full time job. I have sacrificed family time, vacation, business development time: time that could have been spent invested in providing jobs and opportunity elsewhere?

I am a single parent. I have taught my kid to never give up and I stand by my pledge.

I am a Dad that has raised his kid; now having successfully completed her O’levels, A’Levels and her second year of Law School in England to become a barrister. I am proud of being a Father, nurtured by daughter and always demonstrated to her that I take the moral highroad. I have done my best and worked hard for everything that I have as a successful businessman, having left home at nineteen years old with nothing. I give back and support the less fortunate, quietly and with humility and kindness.

I have built a career as a self taught mechanic, fisherman, captain, pilot, hedge fund manager, investment manager, managing director and then successfully incubated and launched several all Bahamian businesses proudly with all Bahamian teams. This is no exception.

I could have already proven our concept, paid off all debt, operated a cash flow positive enterprise and expanded with where the demand takes us, within the same land footprint; all while waiting eleven years simply because we have been held back. Are we not encouraged to have ambition?

I am not deterred. The Hon Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister both have told me that they support me and I believe that they spoke from their heart and that it is the right thing to do. The solution is simple: the Minister responsible for Crown Land needs to honour our lease and we have all the resources needed to begin immediately.

What do Bahamians need to do to be heard and allowed to proceed?

I write to you humbly and with respect with the hope that this connects and resonates with your heart; that this truly is the right thing to do. I ask that you please write a support letter to me so that it can be complied with others and hand delivered to the Prime Minister.

Thank you, I truly appreciate you and my wish is that you support me and the Prime Minister follows through in letting us proceed.

Capt. Toby CS Smith

President, Paradise Island Lighthouse and Beach Club Co Ltd,


May 15, 2023.


hrysippus 1 year ago

When once you claim that you have a lease, But the details of which you do not release, .And your online campaign was not enough. , .. … .Your letters and all that other stuff, . .. ..The verdict was that you lost your case, .. . .Trying to gain that Crown land space. .. ...And once you’ve lost the public’s trust, . .. .What you claim a dream may turn to dust, . …..A letter written to Charles the third is more than just a little absurd. .. …..Your claim to provide local beach access. …. ..Will cost a lot more, not a lot less. .. … ..Unless you are able to swim o’er The Bar, .. ...Colonial Beach is a beach too far. Signed ,Commodore Chrysippus.


Dawes 1 year ago

I think most of the public have not lost trust in Toby. We just realize its the same old same old. many people have ideas that would change this country for the better, however they have seen too many Toby's occur and no there is no point in wasting time and energy. Why is it that for 11 years a Bahamian can not get an answer on crown land, though was able to get a verbal answer which the Govt then challenged based on a technicality. Once the big RCI came in, within weeks/months they had what they wanted. That is the issue with all this. All it does is tell Bahamian don't bother, aint no point. We all know how this will play out, as we have seen it before, RCI will have what they want on the end of PI.


ScubaSteve 1 year ago

Yep, well said. Bottom line... the Govt is simply a puppet to the large cruise ship corporations.


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