Bahamas Striping working to improve Eleuthera and Long Island roads


Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHAMAS Striping Group of Companies (BSGC) general manager Melanie Roach said the company is working to improve roads on Eleuthera and Long Island.

The former works director spoke yesterday during the Office of the Prime Minister’s weekly press briefing.

She said an Eleuthera Public Private Partnership (PPP) road work project would result in the reconstruction and paving of 93 miles of highway and 50 miles of settlement roads.

She said the work would start in the south and move northward.

“The works will commence in the south and move progressively northward,” she said. “It includes the milling and the paving of the majority of the Queen’s Highway. There will be some areas that will need to be reconfigured, realigned, raised, in order to address some flooding areas.

She said additional work would include installing required traffic lights and drainage infrastructure.

She said two local Eleuthera contractors, Quick-Fix Construction and NuView Construction, will do the base work for 50 miles of settlement roads.

For Long Island, 119 miles of road is expected to be improved, including 90 miles of the island’s main highway and 29 miles of settlement roads.

“Rowdy Boys Construction, a locally based company in Long Island will be responsible for all of the base works on that project for the 119 miles,” Ms Roach said. “There are some additional water works that need to be taken care of in Eleuthera and in Long Island and so we have included for that in the project funding.”


hrysippus 1 week, 1 day ago

It would be really interesting to know which politicos are really behind this company. It started in the corruption smeared years of Perry's administration, so that narrows it down a little.


BONEFISH 1 week, 1 day ago

That company was started with a grant from The Ministry Of Youth and Culture self-starter program. That was during the time of the late Charles Maynard was the minister. Somebody told me that a prominent white bahamian family was behind this company.


sheeprunner12 1 week ago

So, if Bahamas Striping is fronting for ALL of this roadworks, what are the TOTAL value of these contracts that have been issued to these sub contractors????

It seems that Atario Mitchell has replaced the Symonettes in this regime. Follow the money .......


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