Police investigating two weekend suicide attempts

POLICE are investigating two attempted suicides –– one involving a 16-year- old cruise ship passenger and the other an adult woman in Grand Bahama on Sunday.

The youth on the cruise ship was airlifted to the United States for medical aid after he intentionally jumped three floors from the ship’s balcony.

Police said he sustained serious head injuries.

At the time of the victim’s departure, his condition was listed as serious.

In the latest incident, a woman around 5.50pm on Sunday experienced a mental breakdown at her home on Doubloon Road. She got a fishing knife intending to kill herself. Her estranged husband intervened, preventing any fatal harm. Both sustained minor injuries.

In January 2012, police investigated the death of a 26-year-old male cruise ship passenger from South Carolina who reportedly jumped from one of the vessel’s decks.

According to police, the victim was a passenger on board the Fantasy Cruise Ship, docked at Prince George Wharf, when he jumped from one floor of the ship to another.

The victim suffered serious injuries and was declared dead at the scene. Carnival issued a statement following the incident, saying the guest fell.

Earlier that month, a 25-year-old crew member of the Royal Caribbean Cruise’s Monarch of the Sea also allegedly committed suicide when he was seen jumping from the vessel.


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